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Inside Graceland

November 23, 2007 | Book
As a special addition to the “Inside” series from Elvis Unlimited the fan club will release a book entitled "Inside Graceland" which is due for release December 10, 2007.

The press release:

Inside Graceland is the book that every Elvis fan has been waiting for. Inside Graceland brings you on a pictorial journey back to the time when Elvis Presley - the biggest entertainer in the history of popular music lived in the mansion.

What you can find on the 112 pages? Never before seen pictures of the foyer, the living room, the dining room and even the jungle room. All have changed a lot since Elvis died.

What you will see here for the fist time in print is the red Ludwig XV style rooms that were installed in 1974.

More than half of the pictures were shot in 1975. Elvis’ girlfriend from 1972-75 Linda Thompson takes the photographer on a tour through the house. The rest of the pictures were shot after August 1977, with several of them right after Elvis died and around the time of the opening of Graceland.
Apart from the unique pictures the book is also filled with quotes from the people who were there in the 1970’s.

The pictures in the book are from the collection of the mega Elvis collector Sherif Hanna. The informative text in the book has been written by Megan Murphy. You will also find quotes from well know persons like Linda Thompson, Sandi Miller, Larry Strickland and others.

Don’t miss this unique chance to travel back in time and visit Elvis’ home in the 1970’s.

Welcome inside Graceland!
Source:Elvis Unlimited
bray1977 wrote on November 23, 2007
This sounds interesting. I wonder what it will cost.
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 24, 2007
When can we have 'Inside the Tupelo Shack', Mr. Knud$en?
benny scott wrote on November 24, 2007
Interesting indeed.I'm thinking of all those fans who will probably never have the chance to visit Graceland for different reasons ( lack of money, scared to death of flying by plane {actually i'm one of those who don't trust to be in the air at 30.000 feet }.... etc..) I'm looking forward to it, i'm sure the pictures will be of very good quality. Always El