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Christmas At Graceland

November 24, 2007 | Other
A little later than expected, the Christmas lights went on at Graceland, for the new Holiday Season. As usual, there was a little ceremony and an Elvis-look-a-like Santa, wearing an Elvis belt and Elvis style sunglasses. The special decoration stays in place until January 8th, Elvis's 73rd birthday.

The image shows Graceland through the webcam.

The interiors of Graceland mansion will also be decked in Elvis' Christmas decor for the holiday season and will include Presley family Christmas artifacts on display for the first time. Also new for this year is a special display featuring gifts and Christmas cards from fans, as well as rarely seen artifacts and Christmas cards sent to Elvis by other celebrities. Throughout the mansion tour, various Christmas gifts will be displayed for visitors, including: a set of bongo drums Priscilla Presley gave to Elvis, Elvis' Bible, given to him by members of the Memphis Mafia, Portable television Elvis gave to his mother in 1957 (her last Christmas), gifts to Lisa Marie from Santa, including a giant stuffed animal, chalkboard, makeup table, and tricycle, …
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on November 25, 2007
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