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Celebrate Elvis - Volume 2

November 18, 2007 | Book
Released October 31st. 2007 is volume two in the "Celebrate Elvis" series from Joe Esposito. This second volume counts 144 pages and was penned down by Joe Esposito and Daniel Lombardy and designed by Lauren McMullen. The book was published by TCB JOE Enterprises.

Book Description

Celebrate Elvis is a series that will leave no stone unturned. ... From rumor busters to private personal memories and experiences to emotionally gripping fan interviews. Celebrate Elvis is an ongoing collaboration with fans from around the world that are interested in preserving and broadening the Elvis Presley legacy. Get ready to sit back and relax as Joe Esposito and the fans share experiences, insights and memories that have never before been published...until now. I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for giving me the "Elvis Fan" insight and truths to the man with the soulful voice. This book is "off the hook" genius. I await patiently for the next one. Joe you are the Elvis fans "Best Friend". (by Phyllis Davis).

The Elvis Straight Up! series has been officially discontinued. The topics reserved for Elvis Straight Up! will from this point on be incorporated into the Celebrate Elvis series.

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