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Quality Import Labels Join Forces

November 16, 2007 | Music
The quality import labels Audionics, 2001 and Fort Baxter announced to join forces to produce several limited edition re-issues from their classic bootleg catalogue. These upgraded re-issues will be remastered with a new additional booklets. This way fans won't have to buy rip-off re-issues. The CDs will be released under the coproduction labels "Audionics / 2001" and "Audionics / Baxter".

Titles announced for re-issue are: "Burning In Birmingham", "A Hot Winter Night In Dallas", and Elvis' March 22, 1975 midnight show (from the "A Profile - The King On Stage" Box 2 set). The first title should be available before the end of this year as "High Voltage - Birmingham '76 Revisited" the other two titles should be available early 2008.
B_H wrote on November 16, 2007
Cool! But why did they steal the title from Sotuhern Comfort's planned release, "High Voltage"?
memphis1977 wrote on November 16, 2007
Great news! I´ll buy it!
Santa Claus wrote on November 16, 2007
Well, this means: "Let us rip-off the fans before others do it". I know we have to be thankfull to these guys because they brought collecting Elvis CDs to an incredible level for us fans in the 90s. But these are -again- rereleases. Gone are the complete session imports we had in the 90's. All what is left is the fight of several people about who can rerelease more old stuff in a shorter time. We've reached the end of the pole. Just the fact that I get the old stuff from the 'original' publishers now doesn't make this rip-off any more attractive to me. We are now on a point on which people say thank you for old stuff as long as it comes with new booklets. Sad, sad, sad. I've had my share of rereleases. No more re-mixes for me, no 'Legendary Performer Vol. 16572' for me. No 20 Euros for just a new booklet for me.
asd123 wrote on November 16, 2007
IMHO fantastic news. I'd definitely buy them again IF there are any major improvements in sound quality OR the artwork is as stunning as on their last releases. All 3 Shows are exceptionally good.. and since I am tired of average sounding standard ARs, some well known high quality shows with remastered sound (maybe Birmingham from a better tape) are highly appreciated.
wayup wrote on November 16, 2007
Santa: well if these CDs are not for you, there is something wrong with them due to this? You can't say that it is RIP OFF because it will be re-released by the ORIGINAL producers, who paid big money for these tapes years back and now they see that every idiot is taking their work and re-releasing it with no improvement and with shi*ty designs. And fans are naive or stupid or simply willing to be ripped off when they buy this crap. So WHY not to release it again, in decent way, for these who will be interested? If the sound will be restored properly, if there will be updated artwork, then I will only welcome these CDs. And I will get them even if I have the older versions. Funny, I did not noticed similar comments from you when MEMPHIS RECORDING SERVICE released their packages, where is NO NEW TRACK too, or when BMG is re-relesaing the same x times stuff during last 50 years. The same songs again andf again and again. Also I guess everyone know that Baxter, 2001, Audionics or Bilko or even Madison have nothing to do with recent A LEGENDARY PERFORMER VOL. x (x = 9 to ???) crap.
Santa Claus wrote on November 16, 2007
Uhm, wayup. You've never seen me writing comments about other rereleases? Then you should test your glasses if you got some. Almost ALL my posts here critisize the rerelease situation in the Elvis world. Seems like you did bad research before writing. But that's okay. The rereleasers like people like you. You did realise that they once spend big money for the tapes. You are absolutely right. But while you are spending big money on new booklets did you never ask yourself why this stopped? I know these guys are still so influencial on the collector's market that they still could have access to NEW tapes. So why not spending big money again? Well, this is where you pop up wayup...giving them 20 bucks for a new cover only. This is why I said they rip us off. Even if they are the producers. Sorry, but as a collector I can't follow that. They think: I can rest on Tuesday because I already worked on Monday. But that's not how it goes. At least on my job. By the way: I know that Baxter is not responsible for the Legendary Performer Series. I just wanted to make clear with this statement, that 99% of todays releases are rereleases. Nobody is investing in the few new projects that remain. But you didn't get the point. Unfortunatly. So, keep buying them records. And don't forget to set "The Lord Is My Shephard" on your christmas list, with Vol. 2 already announced.
theoldscudder wrote on November 17, 2007
Looks like the bootleggers are taking a page from RCA. Rerelease claiming "better sound." Only problem is the only one who will hear the "better sound" is your dog.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 17, 2007
Hot winter night sounds fine to me,burning birmingham is overrated in my oppion,might be interested in the march,75 show,since i dont have the profile set,im just not one whos into upgrading everything,only if it is really needed like say the boston show from 71!
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on November 17, 2007
These reissues are very-very welcome! This is the best thing happened in the past few years! I understand that some of the fans (who already own these concerts) are not too enthusiastic,but new fans will be happy.
Lefty wrote on November 17, 2007
I'm with Fly-Trouble on this one. I'm by no means a new fan, but that doesn't mean that I have all the releases from years gone by. All three of these shows are interesting. And if I did happen to own them already, so what if the producers want to take another stab at putting them on the market? The only guy that may lose is the ebay seller pawning his "ultra-rare" original import for a hundred bucks.
wayup wrote on November 17, 2007
oldscudder: you realy really think that there was NO DIFFERENCE in the sound of POWER OF ZHAZAM and ONE NIGHT ONLY ? Ask your dog please. We are speaking about the same kind of treatment for Birmingham and others here. Not about bullshitting - like producers of TIGER MAN VOL. 354 are publishing again and again.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 17, 2007
Dont you dare diss that great Tigerman Series! (joking)