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Elvis: From Memphis to Hollywood Re-issue

November 11, 2007 | Book
Announced for April 2008 is the re-issue of Alan Fortas' book "Elvis: From Memphis to Hollywood". The first edition was published in 1992.


"When in June 1968, clad in black leather, a nervous Elvis Presley made his television "Comeback Special", Alan Fortas was one of the five friends asked to be on stage with him.Fortas ultimately spent nearly twelve years working for Elvis, having been asked to join his fraternity of bodyguards and close buddies that came to be known as "The Memphis Mafia" back in 1958. He lived, travelled and played hard with Elvis during that time, watching Elvis become increasingly disillusioned with the endless stream of movies he was forced to act in, saw him become increasingly reliant on drugs, and witnessed Elvis' colourful sex life. The only other memoir of Elvis that can offer such genuine inside knowledge and intimacy is "Elvis and the Memphis Mafia", by three other members of his bodyguard fraternity, which "Uncut" magazine acclaimed as "the best Elvis book written to date", and which Aurum has already re-published and seen reprint four times. Now it re-issues Alan Fortas' book, which has been out of print for over ten years."

To be published by Aurum Press Ltd in April 2008 (paperback, 338 pages, ISBN: 1845133226 / 978-1845133221).
Source:Elvis Book Research

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