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Elvis Due To Share A Record

November 13, 2007 | People
Hits Daily Double reports that Jay-Z, an American Gangster rapper. is on track to debut at No 1 on the Billboard 200 selling between 425,000 to 450,000 units and officially tying with Elvis Presley for most #1 albums by a solo artist. Both artists are in second place for the most #1 albums; The Beatles hold that record.
Pedro Nuno wrote on November 13, 2007
Probably is because i'm old or european, but Who the hell his that Jay-Z? An "American Gangster"? Better call the police, then...
Steve V wrote on November 13, 2007
No talent. My how pop music has changed.
Mofoca22 wrote on November 13, 2007
booooo that guy sucks and is not a singer. they should separate rap from real music the guy is terrible he encourages racism by getting blacks to hate whites and has encouraged the shooting of cops how can this guy be mentioned in the same breath as elvis or even the beatles?
My boy, my boy wrote on November 13, 2007
Could anyone please pinch me ?!...I'm sure it's only a bad nightmare !
Dixieland Rock wrote on November 13, 2007
I promise Jay Z will never earn that status off my hard earned dollars. I will never waste a penny on that nonsense.
Nimy wrote on November 13, 2007
Who's JAY-Z ? An American Gangster rapper ? He should be a guest star in the next season of "PRISON BREAK".
John4126 wrote on November 13, 2007
Same old same old and pretty sad to be honest.You all sound like Sinatra on our boy in 1956! Someone must like him to buy his discs. Just deal with it!
My boy, my boy wrote on November 13, 2007
John4126...I'm afraid you need to be pinched too...we'll wake you up from that nightmare !
Elvisnites wrote on November 13, 2007
I agree with 99% of what has been said. Rapp is not music. It's an insult to anyone who does actually sing and not spit out bad words and make weird noises while doing it. I have never considered rap music and never will. Artist? Thats a joke. If Jay-Z did actually try and sing, he would be laughted off of the stage. Please, this is even worse than Garth Brooks. This statistic is c-r-a-p.
elviskid80 wrote on November 13, 2007
Tottally Discusting This Makes Me Sick This No Talent Piece Of Garbage Has No Right Be Close The King In Anything I Am Sickened By This Crap I Will Have To Go Buy Alot More ELvis ALbums So He Can Be # 1 Over This So Called Artist Rap Is Garbage And Hes Garbage
JerryNodak wrote on November 13, 2007
It was a record that was destined to be tied one day. Too bad it was tied and will probably one day be broken by a talentless Rap artist. Okay, now back to the important things in my life.
Jyroflux wrote on November 13, 2007
This is just so sick. I can't tell the difference from Jay-Z and any of the other no-talent 'music' that sells today. The end is near. ;-)
John4126 wrote on November 14, 2007
All those things they said about Elvis in the 50's - it's all here!! You can almost cut and paste the comments made about Elvis and rock n roll music and put them here against Jay Z!! You guys are really funny! Garth Brooks sells more records than Elvis - he's s**t. Kurt Cobain makes more money than Elvis a couple of years ago - he's s**t. Jay Z ties with Elvis, he's s**t. Mariah carey has more number one singles - she's s**t!!!! And the Beatles? Well, we all know they are they are the biggest s**ts out there!!
Elvisnites wrote on November 14, 2007
John, look up the definition of singing. I also don't believe Elvis ever disrespected or called any female a hoe. Lets face it, if the powers that be had their act together in keeping records, no one would even come close to the number one man and we all know it.
get real wrote on November 14, 2007
what a bunch of sore losers most of you are. And for those who say that they dont even know who Jay Z is,,,,, well you total disqualify yourselves from any intelligent conversation what so ever on the subject. Good luck to the man.
My boy, my boy wrote on November 14, 2007
John4126, all kidding aside I have no problem comparing Elvis's importance on musical history to the Beatles'. After all these were the 2 ultimate phenemenons of pop culture. But to see Jay-Z starring there with them, gimme a break !...What next ?...Eddie Murphy's talent compares to James Dean's ?
Bryan wrote on November 14, 2007
to GET REAL: I think you are a loser big time yourself. this is a elvis-fansite and no JAY-Z fansite, that no good singin fool. Elvis will soon beat this peace of no-singin talent..if your a JAY-Z fan? go visit his fansite( if there is one) and leave us alone.. your r way out of line.. you need to get REAL!! do't ever compare that fool to Elvis,ever!!
elviskid80 wrote on November 14, 2007
jay z is a piece of C.R.A.P No Talent Looser .Elvis Will Forever Be The KIng And Jay Z Will Forever Be Nothing . A Wanna Be With Bad Music And No Talent If He Wants To Rap About Garbage Like Killin And Rapeing Girls And Doing Drugs Then Maybe This Should Happen To Him .Peice Of Garbage God I Hate Him And All Other Rap . Todays Music Will Never Ever Compare To The One And Only Elvis Aron Presley .Long Live The King Forever . Down With Jay z And All Other Dumb Talenless People Like Him.
CEP wrote on November 14, 2007
Ha ha ha the history books will still say that he has the same number of number 1 hits as Elvis whatever y'all think - different times,different people,different styles but still worthy of respect for the achievment - let all the negativity go please Elvis people - it is very unhealthy
Lex wrote on November 14, 2007
Once again it amazes me how "funny" fellow fans can be. I don't know who this guy is - that's only because I decided a decade or two ago that today's music isn't my thing and I stopped listening to the radio. I probably wouldn't allow my kids to listen to him when I'm near... but still he is equal to Elvis in this matter of #1 albums. In another 30 years or so we will know if he equals Elvis in history...
lvisfan wrote on November 14, 2007
Just like with the Garth Brooks issue, you cannot compare today with yesterday. Several years ago Billboard changed their method for charting albums and singles. Years ago on the "Hot 100" singles chart and event the then, "Top Pop" Albums chart...you only saw pop or top 40 acts. Now you see everything from country music to rap making it onto the what used to be "Pop" charts. It's all strictly sales and not so much what particular station play the most. There are some charts that do go by air play alone, but in the case of Billboard's "200 Albums" chart and "Hot 100" single chart, that's not the case anymore. The record books should reflect that, but they won't. Too many changes and too confusing! Elvis is still untouchable.
Brian Quinn wrote on November 14, 2007
Jay-Z can get fifty No.1 albums but the plain truth is that he does not have any talent other than for RAP music. Elvis could sing in any musical genre and did. He was unique.As regards the Garth Brooks issue, the following appeared in this weeks issue of Billboard Magazine: "According to Nielsen SoundScan, through the week ending November 4, Garth Brooks has sold 65,961,000 albums in the U.S. since the company began tracking data in 1991. Two of Brooks' albums, his self-titled 1989 debut and 1990's "No Fences," do not have a complete sales history in SoundScan's database. Why is there such a large difference between Brooks' RIAA certification level and his sales total with SoundScan? The RIAA's rules stipulate that some kinds of albums, say, a double album or a box set, can be counted as double towards certification. However, SoundScan doesn't not double-count a two-disc set, or even a box set. With SoundScan, one sale is one sale. It doesn't matter if it's a suitcase full of 20 discs inside: it still counts as one sale. Brooks' two biggest selling albums according to Nielsen SoundScan are "Ropin' the Wind" (9.6 million) and "No Fences" (9.0 million)." Just goes to show that the RIAA method of calculation is not all what it is cracked up to be.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on November 14, 2007
Records are made to be broken BUT they always say he broke Elvis record, he broke Babe Ruths record. and so on, so i always felt the original record holder is the one who set the record. otherwise there would be no record to speak of
Lawman wrote on November 14, 2007
Why do people get so upset if another artist breaks a record previously held by Elvis and then start bashing that artist? Do you enjoy Elvis' music less because he's not in the top spot in some poll? Elvis' place in music history is assured and no one can take THAT (no pun intended) away. So just enjoy whatever music you like and don't get so wound up about these silly polls. Just my 2 cents.
John4126 wrote on November 14, 2007
Whether you like it or not to equal Elvis' number one's tally Jayz has had to shift some discs. He may be c-r-a-p to most of us but to millions of others he is an iconic figure. Those very fans of JayZ probably think Elvis is for their grandparents and totally irrelevant in today's world. C'est la vie. I can cope with that. Jayz influence's may not be at the iconic level Elvis is at but it is still significant. Elvis was the devil in carnate in the 50's and critics at the time complained they couldnt understand what he was singing and it was music for 'cretinous goons'! He was blamed for juvinile deliquency and all sorts - you all know this. That's what hard edged rock n roll is all about. Rap is today's 'rock n roll' for a predominately black audience. It's not Doris Day - it bites, it's dangerous! You want to hear 'respectful singing' spin a Celine Dion or Kenny Rogers CD. As for dissing your fellow fans who just don't happen to agree with your view point - grow up and start showing some respect. Rap does nothin for me, but i aint gonna badmouth the genre or those who happen to like it.
Elvisnites wrote on November 14, 2007
John, Doris Day-maybe my mother. Celine and Kenny, not my style. Try Queen, Morrison, Jimmie Hendrix to name a few. They rocked and could sing, especially Freddie. I think your missing the point. It's called American Gangster Rapp that most people are upset about and the negative influence. Elvis or any others I named did not tell you to shoot a cop or rape a women. Think about it. I've seen what this so called music can do. The worst part is it's not even music. By the way, you do know your on the Elvis web site?
Jerome wrote on November 14, 2007
let me spread some wisdom, selling records is mostly about entertainment, the diverse media instruments, internet/television are boosting the commercialized sales. Today a no. 1 hit isn't about the amount of sales an artist makes but the amount of records a (big) recordshop buys in to sell. So if certain artist are 'pushed' by labels/record industrials it's about the trend of that specific moment and not so much of vocal qualities. Just pure entertainment (like Elvis said). If the general public is satisfied by this kind of products it perhaps says something about the way they understand music and the true meaning of it. The fact that a gangsterrapper has that much sales does not only make clear the public taste of music at this moment but also the way how much the music industry has changed. We/ I do believe Elvis his music to be timeless but a lot of people are searching for something contemporary, like Kurt Cobain was and Mariah Carey (both had some great musical influence and whether you like it or not they're talented in their own ways). But the question is, despite the sales, which of these artists are that timeless and influential as some real great artists are/were? Like: (Elvis, Tom Jones, Beatles, Stones, Byrds, Carpenters, Streisand, Bassey, Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Golden Gate Quartet, Harmonizing four, Jackie Wilson, Ottis Redding, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Grieg, Mahalia Jackson, Mario Lanza, Kris Kristoffersson, Paul Williams etc.) Please if you like add some names to it..
My boy, my boy wrote on November 14, 2007
Jerome, Thank God you didn't mention Celine in your list...she has the most annoying voice ever...her attempt to sing "can't help falling in love" last September in the ABC program about Elvis made me puke my brains out. On the other hand, I'd add to your list Bruce Sprinsteen, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Bon Jovi, Elton John...
Charles wrote on November 14, 2007
Jay-Z, an American Gangster rapper. If he is a why is not behind bars? Surely their is better talent in the USA than a rapper. Anyway you cannot say the charts are a true reflection on sales nowadays. We know who the real No 1 is. Rock On Elvis
Steve V wrote on November 14, 2007
Get used it to it. Today the record is tied. Next time it's broken. Records dont last forever. Soon some Beatles record will fall as well. Has to happen. Happens in sports all the time. Are we happy about it? Hell no. But as many have said, it doesnt take away from the music one iota. Hell I was unhappy when Hound Dog's record of consecutive weeks at # 1 was broken by Whitney Houston back in the 90's Bothered me a lot back then. Im over such trivial matters nowadays. So spin & enjoy.
Bill Rauhuff wrote on November 15, 2007
I don"t like it either especially the Garth Brooks being the top selling male artists mainly because it is"nt the truth. Look at it this way folks it takes SEVERAL artists to break Elvis previous held records. Too bad RIAA does not give credit for singles and EP sales. Anyway they need to get the accurate sales figures on our guy.
ranskal wrote on November 15, 2007
Call the wambulance for alot of you!! Who cares if he is tying the record. I don't like rap, but I am not going to bash Jay Z. I couldn't name one song he has done, but obviously alot of people can. I don't personally know anyone on this board, but alot of you sound very ignorant in your posts about this. Just because you don't like rap or a record by Elvis is tied or broken, Jay Z is a loser and is talentless??? This isn't the 1950s anymore. Grow up!
chicken wrote on November 15, 2007
Hmm, thing is guys the article is wrong, Jay-Z is not a 'Ganster' Rapper, He is a very talented producer, and doesn't rap about hoes, drugs and killing cops, I'm sure he'll feel quite honoured to have equalled Elvis' record and if questioned would be respectful, the man certainly isn't eminem, snoop, 50-cent etc.. and shouldn't be bunched in with this type of rapper.
johnnygb wrote on November 15, 2007
Sorry guys but I just cant understand all the bile and disrespect being shown here. We all love Elvis and treasure what he left us. Thats what is important and will last forever. So he has another record taken by someone else, so what!! No record lasts for ever, we should be celebrating the very fact that he set them all in the first place, not slagging off anyone who has the audacity to become popular enough in whatever field they are in to out sell him. Good luck to JayZ and all the rest. Elvis is and always will be the King. TCB Always
John4126 wrote on November 15, 2007
Elvisnites - thanks for pointing out im on an Elvis site. Your concern is touching! What, pray tell, qualifies you to state that rap is 'not even music? Your ignorance shows no bounds. Ironic that the artists you name are artists from years ago - are you living in a bygone age? Elvis' record has been tied and will be beaten by JAyZ and numerous others - it's inevitable. So what? Does it matter. Anyway i'll leave you to your 'Easy Come, Easy Go' soundtrack and some real music hey?!
EspenK wrote on November 15, 2007
John - rest assured you're not the only one with those opinions. Sometimes, actually more often than not I'm embarassed to be an Elvis fan when I on this and similar websites see who I then am categorized with. It almost seem to be a criteria to be totally disconnected with the current time&world to enjoy Elvis. Sad.
Elvisnites wrote on November 15, 2007
Well John, if you want to talk ignorance, check some of your comments, here and on other posts. I am not an expert, but I do have a right to my opinion, such as you have a right to your opinion, and if you voice it, expect to be answered. This whole discussion is useless since no real records have been kept and as someone said, years from now the only person anyone is going to remember is Elvis. My opinion.
Elvisnites wrote on November 15, 2007
John I do not wish to argue with you and I am sorry if I insulted you. So let me just say congradulations on winning the tickets. Enjoy.
John4126 wrote on November 15, 2007
Elvisnites - thanks for being so gracious - lets call a truce! Not often i win something so will enjoy the event even more! Hopefully it will be a JAYZ free zone!
Elvisnites wrote on November 16, 2007
LOL John-truce. I know you'll have a good time.
ext_mnx wrote on November 18, 2007
For this little gangster I give a LOL !!! Viva our Elvis Presley forever !
ext_mnx wrote on November 18, 2007
I like to read Lennon and sinatra due to share a record. Why always Elvis Presley? as ever other "little withouth importance" who paid for the note. jay-zzzzzz for you I zzzzzzzzzz :P Forever Elvis Presley!!!