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When All Was Kool

November 06, 2007 | Music
A CD entitled "When All Was Kool" has just been released. It contains various content; the SUN tracks from 78 RPM source, "Elvis In Canada", recordings from the Milton Berle show and more.

Track listing:

That's When Your Heartaches Begin (1953 version)
That's When Your Heartaches Begin (1956 version)

Elvis In Canada (Radio broadcast, April 4, 1957)
Live In Toronto : Heartbreak Hotel (part one)
Toronto Teenagers talk about Elvis
Heartbreak Hotel (part two) (April 2, 1957)
About the EP show
Elvis talks to Mac Lipson in Ottwawa (April 3, 1957)
The magical Sun recordings directly from 78 RPM

I'm left, You're right, She's gone
Trying To Get To You
That's All Right
Blue Moon of Kentucky
I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
Good Rockin' Tonight
Baby let's play house
Mystery Train
How Do You Think I Feel (Sun Studio rehearsal - Scotty Moore, Johnny Bernero, Elvis - Date unknown)

Radio Promo June 3rd, 1956 concert in Oakland, California
Elvis live at the Milton Berle show
Complete & unedited Elvis performances
(April 3, 1956, San Diego, California)
Shake, Rattle and Roll
Heartbreak Hotel
Blue Suede Shoes
Comedy Skit
Radio spots for March of Dimes (January 2, 1957)
Elvis talks to "happy " on NBC (Late 1956)
Million Dollar Quartet radio spot
I Shall Not Be Moved (with Jerry Lee Lewis & Carl Perkins)
Source:Elvis Corner
JK wrote on November 06, 2007
It's a re-release. The original dates from 2001 (I believe) on the Mystery Train label with much, much, much better cover.
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 06, 2007
Surely that belt goes with the King of Sundial Gypsy Tiffany suit?
Steve V wrote on November 06, 2007
this was a good cd when first released in the 90's but totally irrelevant these days. we've come a long way from these types of releases. the best thing about the original was the cover unlike this one which is terrible. nothing like stomach hair to gaze at for a cover.
wayup wrote on November 06, 2007
It's producer's paunch on the cover?
Jerome wrote on November 06, 2007
at first it was titled 'For Cover Collectors Only' but they changed that because it was too obvious..
marco31768 wrote on November 06, 2007
Yes, it's a re-release. The first time was published by MYSTERY TRAIN in 1992 and released again in the same year by YELLOW DOG on "Unsurpassed masters".
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on November 07, 2007
However all will never be Kool again.
Ciscoking wrote on November 07, 2007
I am just thinking...who needs it..??
Devon wrote on November 07, 2007
Alot of good songs, but i already have them. Would be very good for someone who is just starting out.
japio wrote on November 08, 2007
They do it again. Release cd´s with the same songs again. I think it´s the same guy that release all cd like tiger man, rare elvis 3 ect,ect boycot these releases
Jim Berkeley wrote on November 08, 2007
"The magical Sun recordings directly from 78 RPM" - It's not true. RCA's reverb can be heard. These tracks are from RCA tapes that was found at 1991's research of the vaults. Probably :-)
benny scott wrote on November 08, 2007
I don't have one of the earlier releases of the 90's.As for the original Sun-sound ( from 78 rpm) : according to Jim Berkeley the songs come from RCA-tapes found in 1991 in the vaults?! The Sun-recordings released by RCA ( after adding suppl.reverb) were and are available on CD since the first CD's were released ( +/- 1983 if i'm not mistaken ).Why should the tapes of 1991 have been used ? And why are " you're a heartbreaker " and " milkcow blues boogie " are missing on "When all was Kool " ? This is one of the 5 Sun-singles. So my question is ( before buying this CD ) : can someone tell me if the 8 songs are taped from original Sun-78 rpm or not ? Always El
Jim Berkeley wrote on November 09, 2007
Original "Kool" explained about these tracks, like this : "THE MAGICAL SUN RECORDINGS DIRECTLY FROM RECENTLY RE-DISCOVERED FIRST GENERATION MASTER TAPES". '1st generation master tapes' is RCA's one because some of Sun's 1st generation tapes was lost. But, especially, "Mystery Train"(w/RCA's reverb) is a remarkable track. Its ending is same as Sun's single! The story of tapebox#16 is closely related about this...I can't tell too much here.Do you know, benny, there's waveform images at Keith Flynn's site ? The man who investigated the mastertake of "Ain't That Loving You Baby" is me :-)
benny scott wrote on November 09, 2007
Thanks for the explanation Jim !Didn't know how the original " Kool " explanation was given. So, once more, no way to have the possibility to listen to the original Sun-sound of the 10 released songs.But even if some original Sun-tapes are lost forever,somewhere in one or more States of the USA there still must be people owning one or more original Sun-78 rpm or 45 rpm. I wonder if there'll ever be a release on CD of the 10 original Sun-songs without the later, by RCA, added reverb. With modern techniques it should be possible to "clean" most of the eventual surface noise of those recordings and obtain a reasonable good sound. So i'll keep on dreaming, but once again "thanks", wishing you all the best!
Satnin wrote on November 13, 2007
Nasty cover photo.