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Jumpsuit For Sale

November 03, 2007 | Other
A European collector sells an original Elvis Presley stage worn Jumpsuit (ElvisMatters is intermidiate). Tons of pictures of Elvis in this Turquoise suit were taken at his August/September 1973 engagement in Las Vegas. Elvis gave the suit to the Alden family, who later sold it to Jimmy Velvet. This suit was THE eye catcher of the first Jimmy Velvet Auction in Las Vegas, NV. Here is your chance to bid on a stage suit, worn by Elvis and designed by Bill Belew/Gene Doucette in 1973 for Elvis. The Turquoise Suit is also known as “The White Spanish Flower Suit” and “Aqua Blue Vine”. It is the original, authentic suit as worn by Elvis Presley – it is not a replica. The suit is in splendid condition and may very well be the last suit available on eBay, as most suits are in private collections or on display in Graceland.

Description in the Jimmy Velvet Catalogue: Elvis Presley Stage Suit, Circa Mid 1970’s. Disigned by Bill Belew. A cream-colored Stage jumpsuit having zip front closure, high Pointed collar, flared sleeves and legs with Blue lined inverted kick pleats. Studded with Faux turquoise stones and gold beads allover.

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Jth wrote on November 03, 2007
Hopefully EPE will be able to purchase it
Rycher wrote on November 03, 2007
I hope they don't.
Jerome wrote on November 03, 2007
think I'm going to buy this one and perform Hound Dog in it or Blue suede shoes, still didn't figure it out..
Palle wrote on November 04, 2007
This needs to be put on display by EPE, no matter what the buffoons here say
Elvisnites wrote on November 04, 2007
I'm with you Palle. This is a beautiful Jumpsuit and I for one would love to see it on display.
oldie56~2 wrote on November 05, 2007
The ONLY proper place for this Jumpsuit to be in its proper home would to be on display at Graceland. Money doesn't substitute for what is right when people's greed is concerned. The owner wants his money!
Lefty wrote on November 05, 2007
Visit Graceland and you'll be treated to an up close view of the more famous Jumpsuits worn by Elvis. You can't look at them without a rush of emotion and a bit of awe. It's fantastic! For that reason alone, for the fans, I hope that EPE puts in the winning bid on eBay. I took a look at this auction, and the suit does appear to be in excellent shape. I'm wondering though, where's the belt? Is he keeping it, or does he not have it? Anyway, after reading news reports that an entire Elvis collection was destroyed in the L.A. fires, I'm all for EPE buying and preserving what's left of the Elvis legacy.
EspenK wrote on November 05, 2007
Often he had more than one copy of a stage suit, Graceland may already own another version with this design? Anyways I agree with Lefty, the exibishion at Graceland with the stage suits is the most impressive and interesting experience I've ever had there. Almost more so than viewing Graceland itself.
genedin wrote on November 07, 2007
no buffon here at all but i think if elvis wanted someone to have it when he gave it anyway then its fate is in our hands.if they buy it fantastic if not a fan is gonna get it.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on November 07, 2007
I wonder if you get a full sized dummy to put it on.
memoriesoftheking wrote on November 08, 2007
Graceland has the matching cape for this suit, so perhaps they will buy it and add it to their inventory. I just got back from Memphis and the new "All Access" jumpsuit exhibit is something to behold. The suits are more impressive in person than in photos. The just need a larger room to display them in. Some are crowded in one display case and hard to view. This suit would look great among them.
hound216 wrote on November 09, 2007
I agree that this jumpsuit definately belongs in the archives at Graceland. Even if they don't ever get it in time to display with the All Access exhibit, it belongs there. I always thought it was one of the best.
Satnin wrote on November 13, 2007
I am new here and I agree it should be given back to EPE for display. It is an important piece of history and this is the only way for all fans to enjoy it.