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Viva Las Vegas From Hong Kong

October 22, 2007 | Music
Universal Music in Hong Kong just released in their "The Spirit Of Sound Hifi" series a 2 CD set in the best quality with 51 Elvis songs. The 2 CD set comes in a special slipcase for protecting the disc of scratches. It's not the regular release like in the US and Europe witht he live songs, but a "Dolby Digital Compact Disc". It comes with a 6 page booklet with all the Elvis songs in English.
Source:For CD Collectors Only
jean michel wrote on October 23, 2007
this looks more like a mainland China release than a Hong Kong one.
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 23, 2007
Hong Kong one? Wing wang wong!
CD King wrote on October 24, 2007
This IS from Hong Kong. The mainland China one has same cover but different Picture Discs and also different songs selections.
circleG wrote on October 25, 2007
does anyone know why there's no big band intro to the '69 concert ? there's just a fade in applause and a very short intro of blue suede shoes before Elvis starts singing. On other recordings of other dates you hear the band intro and a longer intro to the opening song. Just really curious.