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Sunday Chart Updates

October 21, 2007 | Music
On the UK singles chart the re-issue of "Wear Your Ring Around My Neck" is a new entry at #16. The "Elvis The King" compilation dropped off the Album Top 40.

In Australia both the "'68 Comeback" and "Aloha" DVD releases dropped off the DVD Top 40.

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SendToTodd wrote on October 21, 2007
Released Monday is IF I CAN DREAM, and we could do it, we should make the Top Ten next week, we must all try to do it!!!!
moody blue wrote on October 22, 2007
There will be enough copies on the shelfs-so theres no excuse.
ger wrote on October 22, 2007
Why are we all so sad we keep buying the same over and over
John4126 wrote on October 23, 2007
I've got it on enough compilations so i think ive done my bit to bolster BMG's coffers.
emjel wrote on October 23, 2007
The only thing that makes buying these worthwhile is the artwork from the original US sleeves. The down side is the unit cost. And with the low numbers selling each week, it's pretty obvious it is the true collectors that are making the purchases. There's been no real marketing from BMG, no giveaways as prizes on radio stations, and no radio plays. Whereas last time there was a real momentum in getting to the record shop early enough to secure a copy (and suffering frustration too), this time it seems like a bit of a chore. I wonder out of the 10,000 or so sold each week if that is split between both CD and vinyl. Last time, unit sales were around 27,500 on average. So questions to ask. 1) Are you buying both versions? 2) Has anyone given up half way through? 3) Were more discs being bought by "joe public" last time, or are less fans buying this time around? My answers are: 1) No, not this time - CD's only 2) I've thought about it on several occasions - I seem to buy the only stocked item in my local Woolworths as I think they only get 1 in. They started with 5 copies and by the 3rd week, this had dropped to 1. 3) "Joe Public" probably bought more discs, many of which ended up on ebay for a quick killing. I also think that there are fewer fans buying this time.