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George Klein Book Updates

October 25, 2007 | Book
George Klein's autobiography "Elvis, My Best Man" will be out summer of 2008. In an interview with Elvis Australia, George said "He was best man at my wedding. That's the working title. It will be from day one, from the first meeting in 1948 until today. It will have inside stories that people don't know and pictures people have never seen. You'll hear the whole, true story. I waited because there were so many books and stories that came out about Elvis after he died and into the eighties and I just didn’t want to get caught up in that circus.

His reply on the new book "The Elvis Presley Family Album" was: "It is sort of a coffee table book ... Graceland suggested me as honorary editor ... the publisher made some honest typos and small mistakes after my proof reading it. They are to correct them with an insert."
Source:Elvis Australia
Bill E. Burk wrote on November 11, 2007
It is going to be VERY interesting to read this GK book, IF it is ever published ... especially photos of GK & Elvis 1948-54 . . . in that when we did our extensive research for our 1991 book, EARLY ELVIS: THE HUMES YEARS, we could not locate ONE person (fellow student, neighbor, family, teachers, etc) who could recall GK and Elvis EVER talking to one another. Of course, there will be the photos from the school yearbooks (we used them in our book) ... but even in those photos of a class, GK and Elvis were NEVER close together, as friends would be. I say this -- to be fair -- GK has done many good charitable things in Elvis' name in the later years, but my problem is his having made his reputation as "Elvis' best friend from 1948-on," which, as those who know the true story, is nothing but a sham. As I said, it's going to be most interesting to read of their "closeness" at Humes. -- 007
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on November 11, 2007
GK is a true clingon, and should be working for Kohler selling toilet seats. he throws more bull than a Russian Radio on May day and made his way through life as Elvis friend. But did elvis really have friends or just Clingons?
Satnin wrote on November 13, 2007
The Family Album is very nice indeed and has a few photos I had never seen before. I like George Klein and he is always very sweet to Elvis fans.