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French Book Updates

October 27, 2007 | Book
Due for release in Canada is the book "Elvis Presley, Le Livre Des Trésors". This book by Robert Gordon and Anne Bleuzen comes with a CD containing ten original interviews. The publisher is K&B, the release date December 1, 2007 (ISBN-10: 2915957339 / ISBN-13: 978-2915957334).

The illustrated paperback biography by Collectif has been translated from the German to the French language ("Elvis Presley: La Biographie En B.D.") and will be published by Petit à Petit on Nevember 19, 2007 (ISBN-10: 284949111X / ISBN-13: 978-2849491119).

Announced for March 2008 is the book "Elvis Presley (Reliure Inconnue)" by F. X. Feeney (Auteur) and Paul Duncan (Direction). The 192 pages book will be published by Taschen in the French, German and English langueage (ISBN-10: 3822823236 / ISBN-13: 978-3822823231)
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