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Elvis The King - Mongolia

October 25, 2007 | Music
This is the first ever BMG licensed CD from Mongolia on Khan Records. It is incrediblyY rare for a few reasons. First, Mongolia is a Communist country that long ago banned rock n roll and anyone even caught with a rock n roll record (CD) could possibly be fined heavily or even jailed or worse. Crazy but true. Anyway, finally the Khan Record label got permission, just this year, from BMG to issue this legal limited CD which may in fact turn out to be the only CD on Elvis released there but time will tell. Please also note that it is illegal to send any of these CD's out of Mongolia. For this reason this CD is one of the rarest ever on Elvis.

Track listing: Suspicious Minds / Blue Suede Shoes / Jailhouse Rock / Love Me Tender /Love Me Tender / Don't Be Cruel / King Creole / Hard Headed Woman / All Shook Up / Hound Dog / Too Much / Heartbreak Hotel / Teddy Bear / Party / That's Allright Mama / One Night / Always On My Mind / Big Hunk / Wear My Ring / Crying in The Chapel / Stuck On You / Wooden Heart / Viva Las Vegas / Devil In Disguise / Guitar Man / Little Less Conversation / Welcome To My World / Green Grass Of Home / Now Or Never / Fever / My Way
Source:World Wide Elvis
Dorulet wrote on October 26, 2007
And, surprisingly, it doesn't only contain 50's songs... a pretty good thing that finally a comunist country like Mongolia has an official Elvis CD.
Jerome wrote on October 26, 2007
Being a Mongolian-expert I've to correct this because the country has become more liberal. The first rock band of Mongolia was Soyol-Erdene, founded in the 1960s. It was followed by Mungunhurhree, Ineemseglel, Urgoo (despite censorship and communistic criticism). Never heard of Har-Chono or the famous guitarist and leader of Haranga, Enh-Manlai? C'mon, know your classics..
CD King wrote on October 27, 2007
Elvis is indeed The King Of the Whole Wide World. Now the Communists love him. Vietnam has issued several Elvis Official Cds. Burma has one. China has loads of them and now Mongolia. God bless the Communists.
theoldscudder wrote on October 29, 2007
Nice to see the Mongolians have elevated their culture. I likes it.