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Details Studio Stars - Elvis Presley

October 26, 2007 | Video
This is the cover art of the Elvis Presley DVD box set in the "Studio Star" series from Fox. This set is due for release November 19, 2007.


He was the King of Rock and Roll. Talented, heart-breakingly handsome and charismatic – a natural for the big screen. The 33 movies he left behind serve as a constant reminder of a unique artist who was adored by millions and who was undoubtedly one of the most important fi gures in 20th century popular culture.

Elvis Presley is at his dreamboat peak in this musical comedy that finds the sexy star crooning fi ve original songs in an amusing and fast-paced romp boasting a delightful mixture of songs, romance, humour and good old homespun warmth! When his scheming pop decides to 'homestead' the family on a public beach, Toby Kwimper (Presley) digs the exotic setting - but hates the attention he is suddenly receiving. Though he just wants to play his guitar, Toby fi nds himself up to his baby blues in trouble with government bureaucrats, crime bosses and even two smitten 'kittens' - an adopted little sister who feels more than sisterly love for him, and a social worker with more than his welfare on her mind!

In the years after the Civil War, western Texas is an uneasy meeting ground of two cultures: one white, the other Native-American. Elvis stars as Pacer Burton, the son of a white rancher (John McIntire) and his beautiful Kiowa wife (Dolores Del Rio). When fi ghting breaks out between the settlers and natives, Pacer is pulled into the deadly violence despite his peace-making efforts.

In his fi lm debut, singing idol Elvis Presley stars in this action-fi lled romance set in the aftermath of the Civil War. After hearing his older brother (Richard Egan) has been killed in combat, a young Texas farmer (Presley) marries the man's sweetheart (Debra Paget). But his brother returns, sparking a bitter sibling rivalry and tragic confrontations with Union soldiers.

Presley specialised in playing the bad boy, and this is Elvis at his baddest! 'Wild In The Country' features one of Elvis’ greatest and most overlooked roles; a rebellious backwoods delinquent gifted with a rare literary talent. Hope Lange is the sympathetic psychiatrist who tries to help Elvis, Tuesday Weld is the King's seductive cousin, and Millie Perkins portrays his childhood sweetheart. Boasting a screenplay by Clifford Odets, this is perhaps the sexiest and most passionate of all Presley fi lms, and features a quartet of hit songs, including; 'I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell', 'Lonely Man', and 'Wild In The Country'. It's Elvis at his wildest, his baddest and his best.

Barcode: 5039036036122
Catalogue number: 3751401000
Original language: English
Product format: DVD
Label: Fox
Colour format: Colour and Black/White
DVD region: 2 - Europe and Japan
DVD special features: None Listed.
Primary genre: Feature Film
Secondary genre: Musical
Source:Virgin Mega Store
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 26, 2007
Great! A last we're going to get 'Wild In The Country' with the 'Lonely Man' scene in it. Then again, you don't think that this is a badly researched press release do you? Do you?Do you really? Yeah, so do I.
JerryNodak wrote on October 28, 2007
Relax, Harvey. Poorly researched? What research. They just do a Google or some other search engine and write their notes based on the info they find there. If it's incorrect (as it often is) they don't know the difference. You, as an Elvis fan, know the difference. The rest of the world doesn't care. Hell, I as a lifeliong Elvis fan don't care. The movies matter. The press release? Big deal!