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No Graceland In The Netherlands

October 20, 2007 | Other
A Dutch court has ruled against an admirer of Elvis Presley. The Dutch fan has begun building a replica of the King's mansion, Graceland. However, after having been given first approval, the neighbourhood filed a complaint and the judge seems to follow their vision. In a ruling yesterday, the Dutch judge ordered a 'stop', because the "extravagant mansion with outdoor swimming pool" does not fit in the decor of that particular part of Breda (birthplace of The Colonel) the city where the European Graceland is planned. According to the Dutch Elvis fan, the works are in a crucial fase and cannot be stopped at this point. However, that didn't convince the judge, and he stood by his decision.
Jerome wrote on October 21, 2007
so that means I can't build Neverland in my backyard as well?
Dixieland Rock wrote on October 21, 2007
What if someone built one called Colonielland and have the song "Carny Town" playing at the gates? "Hurry Hurry - Step this way.. uh uh huh, Hurry Hurry, step this way".
Sean Ryan wrote on October 22, 2007
You would have thought the owner would have got permission before building it in the first place.Judge was right.