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Budget Hotel

October 06, 2007 | Music
A 14 track budget compilation entitled "Heartbreak Hotel" has been released by the Dutch Weton Wesgram label.
Jerome wrote on October 06, 2007
tracklist anyone? (nah.. just kidding..)
marco31768 wrote on October 06, 2007
Dear Jerome, do you wnat the tracklist? I guess... Heartbreak hotel, Jailhouse rock, Hound dog, Love me tender, Anyway you want me, I got a woman, Blue suede shoes, And many many others..... WOW!!!
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on October 07, 2007
reminds me of a flea bag hotel i stayed in, in amsterdam in 1959
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 07, 2007
Track listing? Here you go: 1) Tennessee Saturday Night, 2) Uncle Penn, 3) Give Me More More More (Of Your Kisses), 4) Night Train To Memphis, 5) That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch, 6) Oakie Boogie, 7) Down The Line, 8) Rag Mop, 9) Sand Castles, 10) Feelings. Shame it's only 10 tracks. I'm gonna give this one a miss.
Ian R Bird wrote on October 08, 2007
And why is there a picture from It Happened at the World's Fair?