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Belgian Gold For Elvis

October 02, 2007 | Music
Right before the "ELVIS 2007" concert kicked off in Belgium, ElvisMatters presented Elvis's latest golden award, for the 2CD "The Essential Elvis Presley", to Joe Guercio. He accepted the award on behalf of Elvis Presley Enterprises and thanked the Belgian fans for their loyal, everlasting support. He made sure that this new award would get a special spot of honor in Graceland's Racquet Ball Building.

The double CD sold over 15,000 copies and was awarded Gold last September 15, 2007. The award was created by Ron Rutten from ElvisMatters.
Hans Otto wrote on October 03, 2007
Nice that Elvis have received another Gold record award. But does really just 15.000 sold copies in a country with over 10 million people qualify for Gold award status?? Man, these awards are not that impressive any longer...
Lex wrote on October 03, 2007
That's because it's a 2CD... one needs 30,000.