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A Wild Weekend In Huntsville ! - Volume One Out Now

October 06, 2007 | Music
The new release "A Wild Weekend in Huntsville! - Volume One" from the Madison label is out now. This CD features the concert from May 31, 1975 afternoon show in Huntsville, AL.


Some tracks has been previously released but this show is available for the very first time unedited, and as recorded from the mixing board that day at the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, AL.

All the Huntsville shows from the May / June 1975 tour were pretty good and among the best from this period. Elvis is in good form, humor, spirit and it shows throughout the performance. Unfortunately the show has not been recorded in its entirety and starts early during '' Love Me ''. The sound quality is excellent and this new CD comes with a 16 page full color booklet. Watch out soon for Volume Two featuring the afternoon performance recorded the following day in Huntsville, AL !

Tracks :

1- Love Me ( incomplete ) 2:03 / 2- If You Love Me ( Let Me Know ) 3:08 / 3- Love Me Tender 2:47 / 4- All Shook Up 1:57 / 5- Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 2:09 / 6- The Wonder Of You ( w/ false start ) 2:25 / 7- Burning Love 3:28 / 8- Introduction of the vocalists, John Wilkinson., James Burton 1:37 / 9- What I'd Say ? ( featuring James Burton ) 0:52 / 10- Drum Solo ( featuring Ron Tutt ) 1:25 / 11- Bass solo ( featuring Jerry Scheff ) 1:26 / 12- Piano solo ( featuring Glen D. Hardin ) 1:02 / 13- Introduction of Charlie Hodge, Voice, Joe Guercio and his orchestra 0:39 / 14- School Day ( featuring Joe Guercio & orchestra ) 1:14 / 15- Trouble 0:54 / 16- T-R-O-U-B-L-E 3:39 / 17- Hawaiian Wedding Song 2:14 / 18- Let Me Be There ( with reprise ) 3:21 / 19- An American Trilogy 5:04 / 20- Funny How Time Slips Away 2:47 / 21- Blue Suede Shoes 1:22 / 22- For The Good Times 3:11 / 23- Little Darlin' 2:34 / 24- Can't Help Falling In Love 1:39 / 25- Closing vamp 0:35

Bonus : 26- Elvis at the WFL football game August 9, 1975 0:31

Tracks 15-17, 21-22 and 26 are previously released.
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Ciscoking wrote on October 06, 2007
I love it..I just love it..keep it coming....well done Madison..!!
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 07, 2007
Great! Fab! Wow! This is the 89th show to be released from this tour. They are all so totally different that I can't wait to hear this one! Isn't this the show he whispered two lines from 'Wisdom Of The Ages'? Totally awesome.
benny scott wrote on October 08, 2007
No need to be sarcastic Harvey Alexander ! There are still many, many young and/or new fans who don't have these sort of releases and would be glad to have the opportunity to obtain them in ( and that's important !) a good or very good sound quality. Nothing personal !! Always El
Lefty wrote on October 09, 2007
You'll never find better production standards than Madison's. I own two of their prior releases, and the artwork and liner notes are outstanding. I sure wish that FTD would get on board and churn out something of equal quality. Even FTD's 7" gate fold releases can't compete. (I say this with a feeling of sadness because I want the official source for Elvis music to out shine all others). Anyway, good luck to Madison and all the other producers that strive to take good care of the Elvis legacy.
stanton wrote on October 09, 2007
Looks like a fine release - want to have it!
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 09, 2007
I have it on good authority that Elvis did this show on rollerskates. That should make it sound different. Can't wait for it.
Rob Nelson wrote on October 10, 2007
I am in agreement with 99% of the comments here. Yes, indeed, the music collectors whom are and have discovered Elvis' audio legacy are fortunate to have the company like Madison delivering. I may be dreaming but, I hope that some of these labels will continue remastering Elvis' concert video legacy (I am not necessarily referring to "legal" releases.)Harvey Alexander, in principle, I agree that you and I pause and wonder whom is buying all this Elvis stuff after all these years. I refer specifically to the Greatest Hits genre of Elvis' catalogue. Well, having said that, every day years those babies grow to become record collectors and unlike the "old days" when you and I would have to physically walk into a record store to browse the bins, the today generation simply switch on their PCs and point the cursor to the music collection Mom and Dad have stored on the computer. And the rest, is "history" as they say. Old recorded music never dies, only old company record executives do.... Thanks for the privilege of posting my comments here. best wishes to all.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 10, 2007
Lefty FTD are too greedy to give you the best quality product they can,they are too busy makeing excuses,you would think that they would have the best products out there but after such joke releases such as live in la,i have come to the conclusion of why FTD was started and no its not to do the fans a favor,of course they are out to make money but do they have to make ovious,to see 30 th and 35 annviersary go by without one show being release is just one of there blunders yet giving us the for- mentioned live in la? and theywill never be forgiven by me for not putting booklets in the regular digi pack releases,dont call yourself a collectors label,if that how u wont to run things, while may here praise ernst and company,i find the lack of communication to be a big hole in the FTD label,while i enjoy many releases,it could be so much better,never settle always want the best if my oppion! This cd hereoffers you the best of both worlds,great show and great artwork with a booklet that puts FTD to shame!