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Puddle Of Mudd Banned From Graceland For Stupidity

September 27, 2007 | Other
Some things never change. Even though they are a few years past their heyday, Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin is still a bozo.

Puddle of Mudd's album "Famous" comes out on October 9th and what a "perfect" way to hype your new CD then to get banned from Graceland for doing something really stupid like jumping into the Kings pool because you just feel like it.

The hype or rather announcement reads: Puddle of Mudd has been banned from Graceland! The band was touring the mansion of Elvis Presley on September 24th when front man Wesley Scantlin decided to jump into the pool.

The guards removed him and he is now banned from Graceland for life! "I just wanted to go for a swim," he said.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 27, 2007
With a name like puddle of mudd,i cant believe this guy would be so stupid(sarcasim)i guess anything to close to greatness, since he will never achieve that himself!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 27, 2007
Should have read, anything to be close to greatness!
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on September 27, 2007
why didnt he drown? i know because s**t floats, darn.
Elvisnites wrote on September 27, 2007
Who is this person??? Have never heard of him or his group. For some reason I think I should be proud of that.
EspenK wrote on September 28, 2007
Noone has heard of this group - thats why they go to such pathetic measures to get attention. However, I must admit that the thought of taking a quick dive also entered my mind when I walked by the pool one hot afternoon in august...
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 30, 2007
Eeeeeeeeeh! What a rebel!
David Brys wrote on October 01, 2007
All right, I also think it's kinda rude of this dude, but hey... It's not like he peed in it or destroyed something or wrecked part of the property. I consider it more like an act of rockstar mentallity (or at least an attempt of it). How many dudes from the fifties though they "had to" act like a bum: chewing gum with there mouths open or racing against each other on the streets or start fights just to show off there "rebelism". He did something wrong, he got the consequences of his actions. Justice for all...
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on October 06, 2007
This group is doing a concert in Mud island park today, it was just an attention grabber, however ik guess the only reason je didnt drown was as i said before s==t floats
Elvisnites wrote on October 07, 2007
Hey David, how do you know he didn't pee in it?:))
Devon wrote on October 07, 2007
Big deal, i tryed to get upstaires in 2004 and they didnt ban me!!!