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Elvis (?) Tour Bus For Sale

September 26, 2007 | Other
The touring bus that - supposedly - belonged to Elvis is now for sale on eBay for 2,500 $US. The inside front of the bus has some of the interior left in it. The inside back of the bus unfortunately has been completely gutted and the former owners weren't nice about it. The motor is a 318 Detroit diesel, supposedly with 500 miles on it, rebuilt. The bus needs tires, and everything above the tires... well maybe some things below the tires too. Offering this bus to the public might be it's last chance, or to the bone yard she goes.
tonytrout wrote on September 26, 2007
Hate to burst your bubble but this is fake...it ain't Elvis's bus.
Jerome wrote on September 27, 2007
I confess.. I've painted the text on the bus..
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on September 27, 2007
Could be a giant flower pot.
Dave Wyatt wrote on September 27, 2007
This is definately not Elvis' tour bus. I put a thread on Elvis Insiders and somebody has put a photo of Elvis bus which he is driving. There are obvious differences between the 2 when you see both sets of pictures side by side.
pasa-ryu wrote on September 27, 2007
wot a fake!
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on September 27, 2007
I dont want to go deep into this but e-bay has a lot of elvis stuff , if you watch people selling SUN 45s you will see that people are paying crazy prices for Sun Singles that are re-issues and mis represented, thus it is not impossible for somebody to think this maybe Elvis's bus but some people are like children and need to have there hands held and taught what is and what is not a real item.
Elvisnites wrote on September 27, 2007
Your right Dave. I saw the picture your talking about. These windows are rounded, but on the real tour bus they are square. Also the bottom trim is solid where this trim has lines. I agree "FAKE".
stanton wrote on October 02, 2007
I think they used J.D.`s Bus, Elvis had bought him for to go on tour.?.
Devon wrote on October 07, 2007
Its not his bus FAKE.