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Elvis Presley Promotes Johnny Cash

September 24, 2007 | Music
On the "Ultimate Gospel" reissue Australian fans found this sticker with the text “Also look for Johnny Cash Ultimate Gospel”.
Source:Elvis Australia
Elvisnites wrote on September 24, 2007
Well thats sneaky.
Greg Nolan wrote on September 24, 2007
This is not exactly news (and not especially "sneaky"), but I guess it's just being spotted now. The latest U.S. version of "Ultimate Gospel" (by Elvis) has the same sticker, along with the altered track listing. As with "The Essential" set, Sony/BMG is releasing them as part of a series of other big-name acts in the stable. I don't have a real problem with it.
acmeruya wrote on September 25, 2007
The Johnny Cash - Ultimate Gospel CD has a similar sticker on the front 'Also look for Elvis Presley - Ultimate Gospel'
Jerome wrote on September 25, 2007
Also look for John Travolta's: 'I John'
Steve V wrote on September 25, 2007
Not a big deal. Why is this even news?
chicken wrote on September 26, 2007
Elvis' name being used to promote a quality product, I'm shocked, how dare they.
pasa-ryu wrote on September 26, 2007
wot a BIG mistake!(i thought they are suppossed to be promoting "elvis"?)..makes you wonder how much they actualy care about promoting elvis and his music?..if it wasn't for elvis walking into 'sun studios' in 1953 their would'nt be a "johnny cash"-it was cos of elvis he got the idea to start recording at 706 union aveenue.sun!!!
pelvisb wrote on September 27, 2007
Servus all Elvis fans, the same sticker is available on the releases in the USA, Europe and South-Africe - not only in Australia. Elvisly yours
Ciscoking wrote on January 12, 2009
All is stolen from somewhere else....don`t spend your hard earned money on such C-R-A-P...
Zoltan84 wrote on January 12, 2009
It's a very poor attempt to pull out money from the fans pocket. (P.S.: The cover is terrible. Amateurs.)
ImmerElvis wrote on January 12, 2009
Nein, if it is something that I have listened to while in England recently, then it is NO CRAP at all for EP Collectors. In the UK they called it different but different shows in rather good quality of different concerts in different cieties) Don't recall if it was 1975....But if it is, then "where" are those 14 or more concerts we want to buy in a Box of those fab years gone by 1970till77 ?? Sultan, Steve, Greg and Cisco might be proven wrong this time. To be continued.
BigRedGG wrote on January 12, 2009
Wow - this looks like the best value and most entertaining box set ever!! Elvis was great in June/July '75 :-)
theoldscudder wrote on January 12, 2009
Are there 500 people to buy this? I would think not but then again.
Wiebe wrote on January 12, 2009
It's funny how Elvisnews.com informs us of every obscure bootleg release and forgets about some of the more interesting producers
Linda Kovalcik wrote on January 12, 2009
GeertFromNl wrote on January 12, 2009
SwindlerElvis (oops,i mean: ImmerElvis!),you've just registered today and you immediately started to praise this box set. Isn't it surprising a little bit? I guess you are the producer of this...uhm..CRAP! Another piece of junk from Germany. Stolen crap. Quick buck. There are dollar signs in your eyes. <$$> <$$>
Lex wrote on January 12, 2009
It should have been released by ABBA fans.... money, money, money...
ImmerElvis wrote on January 13, 2009
How could you say that Geert. My friend I just heard it while in England and I am NOT the producer; Far from it...I spend money to buy good quality EP shows and concerts. One I heard had decent quality called Good damn show, und the other Moody Blue (carrying the rare version of MBlue) plus others. But yes, there have been and there are so many rip offs that onebecomes very suspicious. So Geert, Linda and other serious opinion leaders amongst EP fans (not some of those know-it-all fellows); Why don't they check it out; again it was in the UK not in Deutschland Has Rex returned maybe ?
Herman wrote on January 13, 2009
I don't think that this 14 cd box isn't that bad because a lot of Elvis fans does not have all of this material. The price is about the 70 / 80 euro so that's not even 6 euro for each cd. I didn't read bad things about the re-release The Brightest Star on Sunset Boulevard Volume 1 and 2 so a lot of fans missed the first release. The same is for this one, I think it's nice to have a Elvis "Tour" cd box. I also read ".... money, money, money..." but don't forget that's for every bootleg release, also the very good one ! Nothing wrong with this box, and no...I am also NOT the producer.
genedin wrote on January 13, 2009
im not saying i would buy this cause i have it already but i love the concept. keep em coming and let each fan decide what they wat. if there is gonna be a book wiht this then itll be more appealing to me even so let me know.
Ronaldv wrote on January 13, 2009
31/5 and 1/6: Nashville?? They mean Huntsville: at the Von Braun civic center. The only 2 shows in Nashville were on july 1st 1973. Quick buck means bad research...
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 13, 2009
Ooh goodie! This means we can buy all these shows we've already got again. Isn't it great being an Elvis fan?
ImmerElvis wrote on January 19, 2009
Yes, Genedin, it IS great to be an Elvis fan (for more than 40 years) and being able to select what you wanna buy yourself. The bigger and wider the offer, the better, I feel. Fans that like concerts and show will definietly have a ball with such releases...be it on Madison, Memory or StrArrow or FTD labels...we don't care as long as we got what we want, right guys?! Now can someone REPLY to this question: what are the great performances on this one (reply wanted from serious people who were there or who know/have heard those shows before) ???? I am interested to know which ones were the good shows. By the way, this concept should be broadened and boxes such as this should become available from tour concerts from 70 till 1977
clambake wrote on January 24, 2009
Hello, 14 cd s is a lot. Quality is great for the price offered. Ok material was available before but not everyone is able to pick any new * import *.Also for the price it is not that bad. Keeping in mind that a single cd might cost you between 15 to 19 euro s. Picked my copy at local shop. The guy who sells usually is in indie stuff and punk . Even he was amazed at sound quality and impressed at Elvis his performances. Maybe another follower who will see that Elvis invented the real punk in the 50 s and was for more inventive than any white stripe will ever be. Just a personal opinion. If you have all the concerts skip this one, if not and you are completely into Elvis buy it. Personally I love these box sets saves time to find all the individual releases.