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Elvis Plaque Unveiled At Prestwick

September 27, 2007 | Other
The shops are new, the bar is new, and so are many of the routes. But it was the memories that took wing yesterday when Prestwick Airport unveiled its latest face-lift. The occasion was marked by the unveiling of a plaque in honour of - who else - Elvis Presley, set Sunset Boulevard-fashion in the concourse floor. The unveiling of the plaque was performed by transport minister Stewart Stevenson.

In 1960 Mr Ghee, now 74, was an Air Ministry photographer seconded to the US Air Force, his beat ranging from accident reports, PR work, and keeping the GIs' local papers back home supplied with pictures of their boys over here. His boss asked him to come back into work that night because "someone special" was coming in, but to keep it under his hat.

Only when he was heading for home did the major let him into the secret. The incoming VIP was Sgt Elvis Presley, on a refuelling stopover on his way from Germany to the US at the end of his two years' national service.

Mr Ghee got busy taking pictures and his brother Robert, whom he had smuggled in, got busy introducing himself to the King, helping him out when he went into the sergeant's mess to phone his girlfriend Priscilla back in Frankfurt.

"Where am I, again?"

"You're in Prestwick, Scotland." Mr Ghee did not do too badly either. His negatives were later auctioned by Christie's for £7500, a fair sum for those days given that the pictures' significance was fully appreciated.
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 30, 2007
Any credibility this story might have had goes straight out of the window when you see that impersonator. Is he managed by Joe Esposito?
Devon wrote on October 07, 2007
I have lots of pixs i took of Elvis all over the usa during concerts how much are they worth, not a dime to anybody but me, they are worth the world because i took them and they are of the King!!!
tracytcb wrote on October 08, 2007
This would have been nice, except for the stupid Elvis Impersonator. For one thing, Elvis hadn't even started wearing jumpsuits at the time he landed at Prestwick. Why have an impersonator do this rather than some credible Elvis associate. For another thing...where on earth is the plaque that was unveiled by Scotty Moore a few years ago????