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September 19, 2007 | Other
Complementing their "Viva Las Vegas" TV program last night, ABC News have their own webpage dedicated to Elvis. The following stories and interviews are featured:

- Elvis: The Original American Idol; Priscilla talks about Elvis' universal appeal.
- Something Incredible on the Scene; Priscilla remembers the first time she met Elvis.
- The Allure of Sin City; Jerry Schilling about why Elvis loved Vegas.
- Elvis: The Babe Ruth of Rock and Roll; Chris Isaak explains why Elvis is his idol.
- Faith Hill recalls her first Elvis concert at the age of eight.
- Beyonce Knowles says Elvis' effortless soul is timeless.
- Elvis Rocked the Garden; The Rock says Elvis set a benchmark for success in show biz.
- Elvis Is Everywhere; Chris Daughtry knows Elvis well, though he never met him.

Variety has reported that the ABC special "Viva Las Vegas" did poorly with only 6.4 Million viewers, a very small number of people watching the show, despite good promo from ABC, looks like the show will be in the top 20 only because the regular programming resumes next week.

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Harvey Alexander wrote on September 20, 2007
No wonder the "special" did poorly - it wasn't about Elvis! As I predicted, it was full of talking heads and so-called "pop stars" singing his songs. And there was NO unseen Elvis footage - as was promised in the hype that ABC (and the Estate) put out before the show aired. More lies and yet another cheap TV show to disappoint us. Why doesn't someone sue ABC for talking bollox?
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on September 20, 2007
Yes, the ABC show was very disappointing. There was NO unseen footage of Elvis and it really didn't show Elvis' impact on Las Vegas.
Vegas Sun wrote on September 20, 2007
I knew it wasn't going to get much better after the 68 special portion of the show was littered with backwards footage. How could they pay so little attention that they have backwards film in the special. It's unbeliveable.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 20, 2007
It does seem that every Elvis special has some singers do there versions of his songs,you dont hear from the people who actuallywere there on stage,doesnt that amaze you,that no one who played in his band was on the special? I mean wernt we talking about Elvis the performer? no instead we get another dose of cilla,who is always around to say something!
Steve V wrote on September 20, 2007
Thats because only Elvis fans and old time R&R fans know who Scotty & DJ & James Burton are and because they cant sell a show to the networks with those types of names. So they call on Beyonce, 50 Cent, or whoever. Thank goodness Paul Mac & Chris Isaak were there to lend a little credibility to the show. You know these 2 really love Elvis and are in the business because of Elvis. I thought the best part of the show was Paul playing Bill Black's orig bass fiddle. Classy stuff. Could have lived without Priscilla and her same old tired stories and new lips. And why didnt they show Lisa's duet on In The Ghetto instead of that rap version? Missed opportunity , Geez!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 20, 2007
I agree about paul and chris,classy indeed,but can we ever get the story of His music and not always his personal life from cilla!
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 21, 2007
Does the Botox Queen know anything about El's music? I very much doubt it. And yet she's on every documentary going. What a frikkin' disgrace. She's a joke and so are the Estate. Bring on the rubber ducks.
My boy, my boy wrote on September 21, 2007
It was a flop...not as much as Jonathan Meyers worthless mini-series but a flop anyway. The worst was at the end when Celine showed up with her annoying voice, although the nice words she spoke before spoiling Can't help falling in love were a great tribute to Elvis's status but she sounds so phony that it ruined the whole thing !...whatever !
Greg Nolan wrote on September 21, 2007
I agree: only that Jonathan Reiss-Monkey "Elvis" portrayal on CBS was worse in recent Elvis TV productoins! What an awful and disappointing show. I have learned to live with the "talking heads" and particularly the 'tributes" by artists in some cases barely known as they can add a little something to it and bring in new and younger people, but there is NO excuse for not including one complete Elvis performance in a commercial-leaden two-hour program! Not one full Elvis song...! What a travesty. And this "ELVIS" show made the unpardonable sin of actually being boring . The real Elvis was never boring -too bad they are too dumb to know that! ANy of his hits would be fine, as well as something less common like "I Just Can't Help Believin'" . But no...! Besides, the show lacked focus and meandered. The Vegas documentary portion had potential but left out even mention of his '56 show and eventually we had to sit through "Mrs. Presley" publically trashing her marriage again. Off-topic! I could find 30 knowledgable fans in 24 hours who could do a better script than this hunk of junk. Next time, keep it simple: Elvis audio and video always sells a show. And have someone as a consultant who is an actually knowledgable fan. Thanks for nothing, EPE.
Dixieland Rock wrote on September 21, 2007
There should have at least been a whole segment focused on the great people that helped fuel those dynamic Vegas performances. I mean, Burton, Tutt & Sheff. Also Charlie Hodge & the many others that was there also at the time. The people that actually worked with Elvis then were all but forgotten in this special. A newcomer after watching this special walks away still having no clue about the great musicians backing Elvis during the Vegas years.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 21, 2007
Yep,they will wonder whats the big deal about him,if your going to have the talking heads,can they at least be of some connection to music,this is whats always annoyed me,its always about his personal life more than his music,30 years later,i was also waiting to hear mention of his 56 vegas stint and how he wanted to prove he was better than the reaction he then.i also notsied we had no full Elvis song,yet we had some others singing there versions of his songs, some were ok,a few were better than ok,but come on not ONE song by the man himself,i agree about celine also,she really drag a song out!
FLASHBOY wrote on September 22, 2007
desapointing from start to finish. This show was not about Elvis it was about other signer's messing Elvis's songs. I am sure a lot of them don't really care about him. Elvis deserve more than this crappy tv special he was the ultimate performer for goodness sake!
Devon wrote on September 23, 2007
Not Good at all!!!
Greg Nolan wrote on September 27, 2007
I haven't had a chance to be negative in awhile, as I've been praising FTD and the import world of CD's and DVDs for some time, but this turky stinks...stank ...STUNK! I was ready for another kind of "Elvis Lives" (NBC, 2002 special) but this one could not reach the modest leve set by that one! Ironically, the Elvis / Vegas documentary portion was the worst and most offensive part of it for falling so far short of the mark. I expected to see take it or leave it performances of modern acts (some of which I enjoyed for what they were) but the documentary is what really stunk up the joint...! I'm glad I'm not alone. I'm always open to what a beginner might see or get from it but even while wearing that hat, I felt that a novice would walk a way unimpressed...! But of course- Elvis was AWOL from his own special! Elvis is always the star- and even (and especially) the infamous Colonel knew that! Elvis a guest star to his own show? Not one song by him in completion? Priscilla bellyaching about her marriage for the umpteenth time? Have some class and slink off of stage already, "Mrs. Presley"! I've come around on you, but this special was a step-backwards. I curse EPE for this piece of crud.