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Sunday Chart Updates

September 16, 2007 | Music
In the U.K. the single "Party" is a new entry at #14 on the singles chart. Last week's release "Teddy Bear" fell out of the top 40. The "The King" compilation dropped from #10 to #23 on the album charts. On the Music DVD chart the "Comeback Special" climbed from #5 to #4.

In Germany "The King" drops from #4 to #7 on the album chart.

Down Under in Australia "The King" drops from #8 to #20 on the album chart. On the Music DVD chart the "Aloha" special drops from #8 to #14 while the "Comeback" special drops from #5 to #17.
glynalone wrote on September 16, 2007
#14 for "Party" might appear disappointing, but it's still the highest new entry in this weeks chart!
emjel wrote on September 16, 2007
Last week's was No 14 too, and I think the week before. Must be more or less the same number of fans buying and no one else.
miked wrote on September 17, 2007
said it before, say it again, think only chace of a really high entry will be the 70's era singles, lihe you dont have to say you love me, always, burning etc, unless there's some sort of advertising enhancement....by the way what happened to the likes of "i've lost you, I just cant help believin', Moody Blue etc..are we going to get another batch???????
losdemas wrote on September 17, 2007
Sadly, I think that this 'batch' release was a bad idea. It simply ensures that none of the singles get any radio play, and thus the general public are barely aware that the singles are being released before the next one comes out and the last one disappears from trace. The first time round was a good idea and marketing ploy - it caught the attention of the music press, and so ensured publicity. Just too much (of a good thing) this time round. I have heard just one play of just one of the six singles released so far, (Hound Dog). As a member of the general public, I wouldn't even have known that it was a single release. A real shame, as many of the singles released separately, with the right promotion, could have done really well, and be heard for the first time by a new audience. Miked, I agree with you that a) the 70's singles have the best chance of a good showing, and b) I've Lost You, I Just Can't Help Believin', etc. should definitely see the light of day as singles once more. But, only as defined releases, with the confidence of an independent release, NOT released en-masse like this ever again. Seems to me a sign that the record company is hedging it's bets by counting on purchases by dyed-in-the-wool fans, rather than placing it's confidence in the quality of the artist and the music itself. It's all rather unfortunate, as next time round it'll take a big push on the part of the marketing department to make any DJ/Radio station take a listen and give a play to future single releases, as they'll likely just see it as yet another cynical marketing ploy on behalf of the dollar-hungry Presley Inc. The music tends to get forgotten. Nothing really changes does it? You can see how Elvis got trapped in a mid-60's rut with similar types of advice. It's only when the fans finally stop buying (or stop going to the movies), that the men charged with making the money finally have to sit up and listen, and hand back a little control to those who actually love the music. Sadly, the man himself isn't around any more to take that stand...which means that as long as the fans keep buying whatever is pushed their way, then they'll consider that cash in the bank, and not make any real effort beyond what is absolutely necessary. Sorry - I'm in cynical Monday mode! Let's hope I'm wrong, and in any case - good luck for all the remaining singles!
tcb1 wrote on September 18, 2007
If SONY/BMG isn’t going to do any advertising, I'm sure if Todd at the OEPFC asked all of the members all 30,000 sorry 20,000 he is supposed to have to but 1 copy; we may get Elvis a little higher in the charts. But BMG have no intention on spending anything on these singles, as they don't consider him as a chart contender (why your guess is as good as mine) but they haven't even spent anything on getting the singles right either, i.e. labels "Heartbreak Hotel" purple label with RCA logo not the original HMV come on, what is the point in it full stop. The 30,000 - 20,000 thing is just Todd sending e-mails out to us fans stating how well and big the OEPFC is, but if he can send one out, one week saying he has 30,000 fans, and this week he's only got 20,000, that’s a lot of none re-subscribers Todd, what have you done, or not done? Lets hope next week another 10,000 don’t decide to jump ship too.. Mind you if they did we would probably be getting closer to the real figure.. 2,345 I would say but that’s being generous.