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September 21, 2007 | Other
We found three new magazines in our mailbox this week. Three magazines, three languages, but they all bring us the same base in their own style. News, reviews, pictures and comments can be found in all three of them, but what makes them different next to the language?

The English variant has an in depth article on Felton Jarvis and the Presley/ Dylan connection (a real nice read) and an interview with the ghostwrite of Dr. Nick, Joe Russo.

The colorful French magazine (or should we say book, since it has no less than 96 pages) has a huge report on their U.S. trip for Elvis week, a look on the 30th anniversary in France, an article on Carl Perkins among others.

The stunning (language ;-) and design wise) Norwegian magazine has an interview with Susan Henning, an article on the 50th of the Ottawa show and also a report on Elvis week.

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