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September 19, 2007 | Video
Here are two images from "Jailhouse Rock" we found on the FECC Forum. The first is from the new Blu-ray version, the second from the UK PAL standard DVD.
These were taken very quickly using a Pioneer plasma, but give an idea of the huge improvement in the image of the new HD version. The colour temp have not been altered.
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum

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byebye wrote on September 20, 2007
-Yeah right... these "before/after images" allways tells the truth, dont they.. The 2nd pic is "Blur-ray´s DVD(!)
FJE wrote on September 20, 2007
I have the Blu-Ray versions of both J.R. and Viva Las Vegas on order and should arrive soon but unfortunately I don't have a Blu-Ray player to play them on yet! Judging by the pics above there IS a vast improvement. So why weren't TTWII and This Is Elvis mastered in high-def as well? Hey Warner, are you there?
EspenK wrote on September 20, 2007
Wow - impressive! But has Jailhouse Rock been released in HD?
Jerome wrote on September 20, 2007
I think the second was taken for a Betamax-tape..
chicken wrote on September 20, 2007
They invented Blu-ray so we could get back to the standard of Betamax
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 20, 2007
Why were ttwii and This is Elvis given no treatement? thats easy because those films in there oppion are not worth it,but they dont mind if you spend your heard earned money on them!