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Time To Dare

September 14, 2007 | Music
The MxF label will release its third CD entitled ''Time To Dare'' featuring the September 02, 1974 Closing Show recorded in Las Vegas.


Although this concert were released in two different imports years ago here you have the opportunity to listen it complete and in a really different and improved sound. The use of an early generation soundboarding mono tape gives us the possibility to focus our works

in reduction the loud plosives and low frequencies noise trying to get a more clear sound and give new life overall to Elvis voice, keeping the Elvis’ vocal power up in the central mix and in the same time to give a new definition to the background music.

Closing night Vegas August 1974, a very famous night widely bootlegged since the 1980's vinyl releases. In spite high energy and surprisingly good and is a fairly long show mostly remember this show for the “DRUG” Dialogue. During the years we have heard and read a lot about that, mostly trying to put in every way in bad light Elvis, forgetting like often happened in Elvis’ life: the MUSIC. Here you have the possibility to listen the show in complete way, a show 96 minutes long and we think the crowd definitely got their money's worth that evening!

Elvis' performance is superb, Elvis is still to the top if his possibility he deliveries a long show very intense, a freshness that cannot be denied , Elvis was on stage in very energetic way full of enthusiasm he sang with power and the sensitive way, spacing overall in a solid and felt repertoire like the new song It’s midnight and the classic You gave me a Mountain here sang in splendid way.

In the same time he worked heavy in rock songs like Big Boss Man and the show stopper If you talk in your sleep .This season will be remember for the great opening night and naturally for the Closing Nights from the numerous dialogues but from the superb music too, Elvis appear fantastic and is clear that in spite all the music keeps is brain active.

The packaging will come with a 16 page booklet professional edited, picture disc, relevant liner notes and over 20 photographs mostly never released from Elvis two-piece leather suit used in this specific closing night. All the pictures have been digitally restored in the matter to obtain the best video quality. This is not a new show...but the package, the 95,40 minutes of superb music give us definitely something different a different kind of product ! The Definitive one in reference to Elvis from August 1974. An unbelievable SOUND, A fantastic booklet with Elvis rarely in so such great shape;


CD 1 time 49.03

*01.2001 Theme; 0.57-*02.C, C Rider; 3.41 - 03.Dialogue; 3.02 - 04.I Got A Woman/Amen; 6.41 - 05.Until It's Time For You To Go; 4.45 - 06.If You Love Me Let Me Know; 2.48 - 07.It's Midnight; 3.13 - 08.Big Boss Man; 2.43 - 09.You Gave Me A Mountain; 3.13 - 10.Dialogue; 6.29 - 11.Softly As I Leave You; 2.55 - 12.Hound Dog; 2.02 - 13.American Trilogy; 3.56 - 14.It's Now Or Never; 2.29

CD 2 time 46.14

01.Band Introductions; 8.50 - *02.I Can't Live Without you(By Voice); 4.50 - 03.Bringing It Back(By Voice); 3.05 - 04.Aubrey (By Voice); 3.46 - 05.Celebrety introductions ; 4.17 - 06.It's Now Or Never; 2.40 - 07.Let Me Be There; 3.40 - 08.If You Talk In Your Sleep; 3.33 - 09.Dialogue; 5.08 - 10.Hawaiian Wedding Song; 2.42 - 11.Dialogue; 1.46 - 12.Can't Help Falling In Love; 1.50

Total Time 95.17

* Denote audience recording source. In attempt to complete the tape missing (about 8.50 min) MxF used a early copy of an audience mono recording tape of the same show of very good quality.
Ronaldv wrote on September 14, 2007
Who wrote this review? I assume one of the guys who released this particular cd! How much can people exaggerate? The show from a day earlier, Vegas variety did not have such a warm welcome to us and that does not just depends that this cd was not a sounboard. Overall nothing new here, I stick to my fort baxter's Destert Storm!
Ciscoking wrote on September 14, 2007
Heavy Times which we had before from this label was a joke..this one is even more a joke...forget it..!! They just steal and steal and steal..
tcb1 wrote on September 14, 2007
Bad news stay clear, or you'll just encourage them to make more of this drivel
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 15, 2007
Funny title,yes they dare to release whats already been released,i dont care for this shows no matter who releases it,as ive said before amazing how he went from march 74 giving great shows,then to this only few months later,im hoping ftd is gonna start putting out some quality soundboards,i for one have grown tired of the import world,i would like to see a best of the imports from ftd,how about the opening and closing shows from feb 1970,a box set from ttwii rehearsals? come on ftd!
Vital Pluymers wrote on September 15, 2007
And they give wrong information as well. Elvis was wearing the Mad Tiger Suit during this concert.
sohigh wrote on September 15, 2007
wayup wrote on September 15, 2007
I did not read such hyping for years I think. Personally I enjoyed this show to certain degree but at the same time why to deny that this is one of worst Elvis shows ever with singer drugged out, destroying one song after another by exageratted vocalizing and hysteric screaming instead of proper singing with long monologues in expense of MUSIC and you still think that this is "ELVIS IN SUCH GREAT SHAPE". well.... One question for the producer: what exactly you mean by: "reduction the loud plosives and low frequencies noise" ??? And you must be real sound wizard to "keeping the Elvis’ vocal power up in the central mix and in the same time to give a new definition to the background music" using mono tape.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on September 16, 2007
Hurry Hurry step right this way ..to Carny Town. just a bunch of Hucksters, Hey Rube!!!!
the colonel wrote on September 17, 2007
yes admitadley another cash grab, but i think many who missed, or are just discovering ELVIS imports are going to shell out to have this in their collection. I sure would recommend as there are some really great performances on this .
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 18, 2007
I Respectfully disagree,karate talk, ego ,songs sung in a rage as if he is shouting them,this is the Elvis i dont find intersting,but for those who disagree, then cool!