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Our Memories Of Elvis

September 15, 2007 | Book
"Dr." George Nichopoulos, Elvis former personal physician and his son Dean Nichopoulos, Elvis' former personal valet for the last several years of his life have compiled a picture book for the 30th Anniversary of Elvis' death. It is only available through their website.

Together with Joe Russo, who co-wrote "Elvis Straight Up" with Joe Esposito, they are working on their definitive Elvis book.

Kissy Nichopoulos, Dr. Nick's daughter, has decided to part with the TLC gold necklace placed around her neck by Elvis Presley in 1976. This priceless item is being sold to the highest bidder.
Source:Official George Nichopoulos Site
Martin DJ wrote on September 15, 2007
If it's to be a "definitve" book it should contain a complete list of all the pills the good doctor prescribed for his patient (and his bank account).
Jerome wrote on September 15, 2007
not an inspired title, not an inspired cover and probably not an inspired content but probably an very inspiring price..
RJ wrote on September 15, 2007
This is not the definitive book....
marco31768 wrote on September 15, 2007
Dear Jerome, you're right!!! :))
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on September 16, 2007
Do you get a Doctor Nick Rx pad (autographed) with the book? I wonder where he went to medical school maybe it was with Doctor MaGoBo the ADDAMS family witch doctor.
tracytcb wrote on September 16, 2007
I wouldn't touch this book with a barge poll!! I did my best to avoid this guy in Memphis this year. Not only did he cash in at the night at Vernons House on the night of the candelight vigil, but he also signed copies of this book in a souvenir shop next to Graceland a couple of days later. Very bad taste having him anywhere near Graceland that night! It's disgraceful to see Elvis' doctor cashing in on Elvis when he fed him all those pills. Okay, Elvis was no innocent in it all, but who wrote the prescriptions? If you want a good book about Elvis go buy 'Me and a Guy named Elvis' by Jerry Schilling. Do not buy this book! Same goes for Sonny Wests new book! They all come out of the woodwork when they need money!
Martin DJ wrote on September 16, 2007
He even has the nerve to name his website 'Elvisdoctor' - as if it were a special medical branche. Let's face it: a doctor is supposed to look after his patient, even if said patient gives him the occasional Caddilac. He ought to have seen to it that Elvis didn't go on stage if he was in no condition to do so, not join him on tour to make an extra buck.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on September 16, 2007
Shame I was not there, i would have made him write me an RX then i would have shoved it down his money grabbing throat. I night in jail would have been worth it.
RJ wrote on September 16, 2007
Give the guy a break. He was the only doctor out of several who actually tried to manage Elvis intake. If you blame Dr Nick than also blame everybody around Elvis. And finally blame Elvis himself!
Getlow wrote on September 17, 2007
Guys, it’s very sad but Elvis was an addict to the point of stashing pills, faking symptoms, using and endangering other people, i.e. doing anything that was possible in order to get what he needed. As tragic as this is, as mature and hopefully well read Elvis fans, 30 years on surely you can see that the buck needs to stop with E himself? As a fan myself I am of course sad this happened and throughout my adult life I have tried to understand the man, why things happened the way they did, why he was self destructive and everything besides. I met with Dean recently who I thought was a really interesting guy. Remember he got on board late and at the age of about 20 at the time. He has some truly interesting things to say and not from the perspective of the guys that had been around for 15 years and who now have no idea which year Elvis filmed Spinout. I suggest that you do not be so fast to judge this upcoming book If you think that Nick didn’t love or care about E’s welfare then you simply don’t know what you are talking about. Yes he over prescribed but I ask you, how do you under prescribe and control an addict? There are several stories of E firing Nick because he wouldn’t give him what he wanted. Day’s would pass, E would then get his ‘stuff’ from other people and as a result of their total disregard of his well being he would get in a worse state and then call back Nick. Maybe he knew Nick was trying to stabilize his intake? maybe he just trusted him?, in any case I truly believe Nick cared. Like anything else there is was turning point and I believe it followed E’s complete refusal to check in to an establishment which Nick had sourced for treatment. After this I believe he simply tried to work on a daily basis in order to delay the inevitable, I believe we’d had lost him before that had he not had Nick, oh and Linda for that matter.
efan4ever wrote on September 17, 2007
Well said Getlow. That is the truth.
Steve V wrote on September 18, 2007
Its amazing that Jerry Lee Lewis had the same relationship with Dr Nick yet somehow escaped the tragic ending Elvis had. Was JLL a stronger person or did he have a better support group around him? I dont think so. JLL was a loner basically with a lot of problems who certainly was not a stable person, but yet he still survives. Sadly I think Elvis brought about his own tragic ending. He controlled his own destiny.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 22, 2007
Steve in my oppion Elvis is a classic example of bi-polar,and at that time people had no clue,its still something alot of people dont understand,he was a self destructive person no doubt,and his medicine became his life line but in the end it became his worst enemy!
theoldscudder wrote on September 22, 2007
I like the cover, it's nice. Probably a good book to sip expresso at Borders book store on a Saturday night. Not only do you get to read the book for free you may be albe to pick up a lonely babe.
Steve V wrote on September 25, 2007
Dr Nick has a website?