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New Vinyl Releases

September 11, 2007 | Music
Due for release from Speakers Corner / RCA on 180 gram vinyl are the titles "For LP Fans Only" (October 2007), "Elvis Christmas Album" (November 2007) and "Elvis Presley Golden Records" (TBA).


For LP Fans Only

Along with "A Date With Elvis", "For LP Fans Only" is one of the most important special productions of the young King of Rock 'n' Roll. Because Elvis had been conscripted into the US Army, no new recordings could take place, and so record producers delved deep into the sound archives and dug out a few singles from his Sun Records days, mixed them with a couple of early RCA songs and a number from the "Love Me Tender" soundtrack, and, presto! a new Elvis LP was born. The overwhelming success of this album is not solely confined to the stylistic homogeneity of this collection of fresh, youthful songs. Far more, it's because for many fans the record offered the only substitution for the highly coveted but rare original singles "That's All Right," "Mystery Train" and "My Baby Left Me."??Selections:?1. That's All Right;
2. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy;
3. Mystery Train;
4. Playing For Keeps;?5. Poor Boy;
6. My Baby Left Me;
7. I Was The One;
8. Shake, Rattle And Roll;
9. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone;
10. You're A Heartbreaker

Elvis Christmas Album

While most of the songs selected for this fourth album by Elvis Presley on RCA Records were traditional Christmas fare, such as "White Christmas" and "Silent Night," two new songs by regular suppliers of material for Presley were commissioned. One selected by Elvis to open the album, a blues-based rock and roll number "Santa Claus Is Back In Town," was written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Also featured on this Christmas album are three gospel numbers along with the pop/spiritual hit "I Believe".

1. Santa Claus Is Back In Town;
2. White Christmas;
3. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane);
4. I'll Be Home For Christmas;
5. Blue Christmas;
6. Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me);
7. O Little Town of Bethlehem;
8. Silent Night;
9. (There'll Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me);
10. I Believe;
11. Take My Hand, Precious Lord;
12. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)

Elvis Presley Golden Records

Welcome to "Elvis Golden Records Vol 1". This album is packed with all Elvis' early hits including such classics as "Heartbreak Hotel" (No2 UK, No.1 US '56), "Hound Dog" & "Don't Be Cruel" (No.1 US, No.2 UK, '56), "Love Me Tender" (No.1 US, No.11 UK '56), "Too Much" (No.1 US, No.6 UK '57), "All Shook Up" (No.1 US & UK '57), "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear" (No.1 US, No.3 UK '57) and "Jailhouse Rock" (No.1 US & UK '58) just to name a few among many others.

1. Hound Dog;
2. Loving You;
3. All Shook Up;
4. Heartbreak Hotel;
5. Jailhouse Rock;
6. Love Me;
7. Too Much;
8. Don't Be Cruel;
9. That's When Your Heartaches Begin;
10. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear;
11. Love Me Tender;
12. Treat Me Nice;
13. Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be);
14. I Want You I Need You I Love You;
15. My Baby Left Me;
16. I Was The One;
17. That's All Right;
18. Baby, Let's Play House;
19. Mystery Train;
20. Blue Suede Shoes.
Source:Elusive Disc
byebye wrote on September 11, 2007
Well, if they have not messed up the sound with remastering etc, I´ll buy all three of them. In fact I will buy every vinyl LP from RCA in the future IF they can keep the cover+ sound as original as possible.
GeoS wrote on September 12, 2007
But these vinyl issues are from digital masters same as CDs. That's the dumbest thing. Vinyl fans are after analog. Some people never get the difference. Another thing is that the original mono is desirable over electronic stereo. There is nothing wrong with mono. Listen to the guitar on Conway Twitty's Lonely Blue Boy etc.
byebye wrote on September 12, 2007
GeoS, your right. Naturally a record stamper made from a analog source is the way to go. However original stampers get old and you dont want to wear out the tape completely. So it´s transferred to a digital storage format now .(burr!) But anyway, if you avoid remastering and the guy who is cutting the new stamper is a top class pro, you can end up with a pretty good product. Many original vinyls are old and hard to get in mint condition now, and they desire a high price to buy. So it´s a unavoidable situation if your gonna bring vinyls to the market. The biggest problem as I see it is the pervert habit of remastering stuff and suck them out of their dynamics with digital compression. If thats the case with these vinyls, you can be sure I´ll be talking about it here later.....