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Singing Elvis Songs Can Get You Fined

September 06, 2007 | Other
A court has silenced two Elvis Presley fans, who created havoc for their neighbours by singing along to the King of Rock's hits. Laura Collins and Samantha Lee forcefully sang Elvis classics such as Suspicious Minds at all-night parties that continued till 6 am. Plus JPs heard that Collins moved in with Lee after being driven out from her own home for playing Elvis at full volume.

"The bass was so loud that it was intrusive and neighbours couldn't go to bed," The Sun quoted Environmental officer David Denham, who monitored the noise in Basingstoke, Hants, as saying. However, Collins denied violating a noise abatement order but was convicted and fined 100 pounds with 150 ponds costs. Lee, who has been evicted by the housing association, owned up to the charge and had to surrender her stereo and pay 100 pounds costs.