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Midweek Chart Update

September 05, 2007 | Music
In the UK "Elvis The King" is expected to go gold on Sunday as sales look to exceed 100.000 units. The album has also given
Elvis another first for his collection.

On the UK single chart front, "Teddy Bear" is tipped to be this weeks highest new entry and remain in the Top 10. "Hound Dog" drop to a Top 60 position while "Suspicious Minds" is looking at a #70 position. "In The Ghetto" by Lisa Marie and Elvis Presley has re-enterd the midweek chart in the mid 90's, while "Blue Suede Shoes" and "My Baby Left Me" both drop out of the Top 100 after both sharing 2 weeks on the chart.
Source:The Elvis Express
Jerome wrote on September 05, 2007
Teddy bear, now that's a great gesture to his recording legacy!!
ta2k wrote on September 06, 2007
What is the ' first for his collection ' ? 100,000 Album Sales would be great. Jerome, I don't know if you were taking a dig at Teddy Bear, if not then i apologise, if you were then i humbly say you shouldn't. It is one of many many songs associated with The King and there is nothing to be 'ashamed' of.
Brian Quinn wrote on September 06, 2007
Midweek Update (6th). Just what we all feared would happen. 'Teddy Bear' now Top 15 instead of Top 10. 'Elvis The King' still Top 10. Elvis still has five entries on the DVD Chart as follows: (6) - Destination Vegas (9) - 68 Comeback Special (13) Elvis On Elvis (16) Aloha From Hawaii (19) ETWII.
jean michel wrote on September 06, 2007
To Mr Brian Quinn : thanks a lot for your always very interesting and informative information & data. Could you give me/us those precisions : The Elvis the King 2 CD set is going to be awarded gold in the UK ; does it mean that the set sold 50000 units X 2 CDs (I think that is the kind of calculation they do in the States ) OR 100000 copies X 2 CDs which would means Elvis has sold yet another 200000 + units in the UK ? Another thing : do you think the Elvis he King set will help Elvis to catch up with Queen as most weeks spent in the UK album charts in the UK ?
Brian Quinn wrote on September 06, 2007
Thanks for your kind comments Jean - I do my best. The 'Elvis The King' Album will have sold 100,000 copies of the 2-CD Set. For RIAA purposes in the U.S.A. such a sale would amount to selling 200,000 copies. However, in the UK this rule does not apply, albeit 200,000 CD's were sold. The 'Elvis The King' Album will not catch up with Queen for the most weeks on the UK Album Chart but should overtake The Beatles, currently in the No.2 position.