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Jailhouse Rock - Colorized Edition

September 08, 2007 | Video
Another colorized version of "Jailhouse Rock" has been released on bootleg DVD. The film has been transferred from the laser disc. The DVD also features outtakes (b/w), interviews etc and comes in a two flip digi-pack.
Source:Elvis Australia
FJE wrote on September 08, 2007
I was never in favour of tampering with the original and I have no interest whatsover in watching a colorized version of JR, or the other two b/w films for that matter, just as much as I hated the electronically processed stereo of his mono recordings so poplular in the 70's and 80's. Would you endorse having tattoes or ear-piercing done on the Mona Lisa?!
old shep wrote on September 08, 2007
I have had this on video for a few years now, no doubt other fans have too. I wont be "upgrading" to DVD as I only bought the video in the first place out of curiosity nothing more only to find I really prefered the original B&W anyway. I suppose being a fan it is logical to look for something different even though for me the original proved to be the best.
Mr Cool wrote on September 08, 2007
This originally came out in a box with the Lost Performances back in 92.Its a shame it wasn't included with the new DVD release of the film. When you compare with the current version on DVD you get more picture top and bottom but a little less to the left and right..Some of the Paramount releases loose a bit when compared to their old VHS releases to.
Elvisnites wrote on September 08, 2007
JR and his other B&W films were meant to be in black and white. We did have color movies at the time. They lose the feeling of the movie when they are changed to color. Not on my list to have.
japio wrote on September 08, 2007
Hey webmaster are you sleepin´ Jailhouse rock was released some months ago .
PaulFromFrance wrote on September 08, 2007
Colorizing a B&W movie is an insult to the artists who initially created it. It's like tampering with Elvis music.
JerryNodak wrote on September 09, 2007
I'm against colorization of ANY movie.
Aarons wrote on September 10, 2007
I have seen parts of the colour version on You Tube, I prefer the film in Black & White anyway. The only people who wants this in colour are the 'fashion people' or the teenage generation, although I am 19. EJF what's wrong with music in Stereo?
the colonel wrote on September 10, 2007
i'm lookin for a copy on dvdr , i have lots unreleased concert film for trade, just pm me.
FJE wrote on September 11, 2007
Aarons, I believe an explanation is called for. Of course I have nothing against TRUE stereo. In fact I go mad whenever some song, and I don't mean just Elvis songs, that were recorded in stereo are released in mono. Since you are only 19 years you don't remember that in the 70's and 80's it was fashionable for Record Companies to take their back catalogue of their artists's music, including RCA and Elvis' 50's output which was recorded in mono and electronically process them to sound stereo. What they basically did was split the two stereo channels and boost the low frequencies on one channel and the high frequencies on the other. This was FAKE stereo and sounded awful and very echoey. I still have some Vinyl Albums that were released that way. Needless to say I rarely play them nowadays. I do hope that was some help.
Aarons wrote on September 19, 2007
Thank you EJF least now I have an idea of how stereo sounded like back in the 70's and 80's. And why they are against it.
Gan wrote on October 01, 2007
I got the colorized version of this film on VHS in 1992 and the effect was really bad as the color was awfully dull. An ambulance appeared in the film turned to be green colored etc………