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Ed Hill Health Update

September 04, 2007 | People
Late August Ed Enoch of The Stamps sent out a message implying that Ed Hill was ill and no longer able to perform with The Stamps. Ed Hill has responded to EIN and says that, although he did have a mini-stoke, he is singing better than ever, including at the Elvis 30th Anniversary Concert. Here is his explanation in full.

"I'm Ed Hill and I just received an e-mail with concerns about my health. This is truly all wrong........I'm feeling wonderful and my doctor has told me that in the 15yrs he's been my doctor I'm in the best condition he has seen. As far as the story goes I did have 2 mini-strokes, one of which I didn't even have to go to hospital for.

The second mini-stroke, which he is talking about, I was in hospital 2 days. I was sent home feeling good and talking too. I called Ed Enoch about 6 weeks after the mini-stroke saying that I could still sing and knew all the words and could read as well. He wanted to talk to me so we met at a Cracker Barrel and had something to drink and he told me I was looking good. I don't know what his thoughts were, but felt he wanted me out. He did pay me for 3 months and I was ready to go back before those 3 months were over. I don't remember if I ever used a wheel-chair. If it was a big terminal I took one of the rides to next gate in airport.

The only thing is that my doctor didn't want me to go overseas on the next trip which was about 2 weeks after the mini-stroke. However after that trip I could go on if I wanted to.. NO PROBLEM. I just got back from the Elvis Week and ALL the folks that were there as a part of the ELVIS concert couldn't get over how good I looked and said I was singing better than they have heard me.
I give GOD all the glory of my life and I'm still singing just not in a quartet, except when we "the former Stamps" are wanted. Like the 30th Anniversary.

All the former Stamps have left the quartet but still sing - however not in the group "The Stamps". J.D's daughter has the "J.D.Sumner and the Stamps" and Ed Enoch has the 'Stamps Quartet'. I know it might be hard for people to know how it is. Ed Enoch has all young guys in his version of the Stamps - and us other guys when we sing we use the "Former Stamps Quartet" like we did on the 30th Anniversary show. If you want to know more please go to my website: www.edhill4u.com God Bless you all. - Ed Hill.
Source:Elvis Information Network