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Thursday Chart Updates - #1 On Cashbox

August 30, 2007 | Music
In Austria "The King" remains #1 on the Album Charts while "Viva LAs Vegas" is at #7. In Spain "The King" drops from #11 to #16. In New Zealand "The King" remains steady at #2.

In Finland, "The Essential Elvis Presley" drops from #11 to #15.

On the US Cashbox charts Elvis does very well. This is from the Cashbox site:

Last week and this week too, Elvis fans are flooding Memphis, Tennessee on the 30th anniversary of Elvis death. All Elvis product picked up steam and from our independent reports was selling so well the newest RCA releases were sold out in some areas. Our competition has this product at a low chart position, however two of these releases vaulted to # 1 in Cashbox. When is the world going to learn everything isn't soundscanned. A lot of Elvis product moved VIA independent vendors who don't know what soundscan is. I know we got it right. Sorry Billboard, you need to send some folks out in the field especially around Memphis and maybe you would get this weeks chart right. Depending solely on your source didn't get it this week.

Top Country Albums - 'Hitstory' - No.1
Top Inspirational Albums - 'Elvis: Ultimate Gospel' - No.1
Top Rock Albums - 'Elvis - Viva Las Vegas' - No.5

Some sales figures, the Billboard with cover date September 1 reports:-

Viva Las Vegas sales to date 27,759 position 54 on TOP 200
Essential Elvis sales to date 92,598 position 146 on TOP 200

In The Ghetto 10,037 downloads postion 70 on the Hot Digital Songs chart. These figures represent first week sales only.
Brian Quinn wrote on August 31, 2007
At last we see the sham that has become the Billboard Charts. Well done 'Cashbox' for highlighting their shortcomings.
Greg Nolan wrote on September 04, 2007
Yes, it was nice to see "CASHBACK" comeback in the last year. Do a search to find out more about them. To me, the whole move away from a "sales" basis to the indefinable "download" era is really depressing. Who knows what is moving or selling? It all seems like a crock now without people buying their music.