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The Man And His Music #77

September 01, 2007 | Other
The new issue of TMAHM arrived, finally (can't stand it when reading it is out and not having it yet). A nice way to spend a Saturday, I must say. This time there's a in depth interview with Jerry Schilling on the movies. Tons of reviews, which was to be expected with the recent flood of releases. Of course there are the other regulars too like "It Take One To Know (Take) One" (Part 3), the news, the letters (a long one by Steve Binder on Billy Strange catches the eye).
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the colonel wrote on September 01, 2007
this is and has always bin and will remain the best mag on E.P. , with pretenders like the fledgling ESSENTIAL ELVIS [a cheap imitation] THE MAN & HIS MUSIC is the best mag ever,with great articles , collums , by seasoned journalists like CAJIO, MINTO , and all.
tcb1 wrote on September 01, 2007
you may be right, but at least Essential Elvis doesn't find the need to fill its pages with bad language and idiotic letters from make believe letters sent into its self e,g THIS IS WHAT WE WANT, nearly half a page of drivel trying to justify putting in another space filler in the last issue, from SCATTER? come I thought this magazine was supposed to be for the more intellectual Elvis fan/collector, and not a tool for having personal digs at other publications and people in the Elvis world, which is clearly what this self penned letter is doing, just letting yourself down TREVOR/CHRIS. If this type of editorial rubbish continues I may have to go back and re-subscribe to the OEPFC magazine. That said and take away that sarcastic dig at others, This issue is one of the better issues of late, I found it interesting reading. As Elvis said once "There Is Room For Everyone"..
Mr Cool wrote on September 01, 2007
I can remember life b4 this magazine when we had Elvis monthly and all those morbid poems. This is the best mag out,no question. I suspect the letter about scatter from The Geezer was just meant as some harmless fun.I'm sure those of us wiv a sense of humour found it amusing....
tcb1 wrote on September 01, 2007
I totally agree with you on those poems, and The Man And His Music magazine was a breath of fresh air, and was the Elvis Magazine Elvis fans needed, unfortunately for me it had been out 3 or 4 years before I got to hear about it, but again it was great going through the back issues. It's just the past couple of years there seems to be some jealousy/bitterness towards other Magazines, which personally I find not necessary, especially from its editor. surely its down to readers to decide whether or not a Magazine is good and worth getting or not, not the Magazine setting up a crusade against all others, and now individuals as well? come on. I'm sure Elvis Unlimited in Denmark aren't laughing neither is Joe Tunzi?
Brian Quinn wrote on September 01, 2007
I much prefer 'Essential Elvis'. Has a more 'modern' approach and does not get bogged down in multi-page articles about promos and catalogue numbers etc., which I find extremely boring.
Scott Walker wrote on September 02, 2007
Easily the best Elvis magazine in the world. This is for hardcore fans, fans who don't give a shit about Priscilla's whereabouts, the latest Celine Dion duet, Bob Sillerman's bank ancount, irrelvant remixes, etc, but prefer to read about the REAL Elvis. Friends, go to www.nowdigthis.co.uk and order your copy now. I haven''t received mine yet, but if it's as good as the previous 75 issues, you (and I) are in for a real treat! :)
Nimy wrote on September 02, 2007
I've received it yesterday. It's always interesting to read about people who worked with Elvis, Jerry Schilling, Steve Binder or Billy Strange (recent issue). Thank to the staff who concentrate only music and not the lamps, hats or belts selling by Graceland. I have bought too the NOW DIG THIS of august, it's great pics on stage 1957.
Aaron Spicer wrote on September 02, 2007
Definitely a quality magazine. However, I can't abide Gordon Minto's reviews-he simply rubbishes everything that doesn't appeal to him personally and often betrays disrespect for the fans. He even called Elvis 'unsophisticated' in the last issue (referring to the '69 Vegas monologues). The best thing, in my view, about the most recent issue was the Steve Binder letter.
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 02, 2007
I find Gordon Minto's reviews quite funny, and he's always honest - something that some fans obviously can't handle. I don't agree with everything he writes, but most of it. It sure beats the kind of drivel you get in Essential Elvis where everyone is everyone's best friend and everything is great. "Gee, Billy Smith, tell us about Elvis's chickens!" "Gee, Brian Quinn, tell us how many singles The Arctic Monkeys sold to beat Elvis to No.1 this week". Great letter from Steve Binder in this issue (can't remember him ever writing to Essential Elvis - can you?) And the photos taken at LAX in '56 are so cool! The down to earth reviews is what really sets this mag apart from any of the others. There is no competition as far as I'm concerned. Oh, and I have a sense of humour too, that's why I thought the Scatter interview was funny. Lighten up, will ya! But I wonder why this thread was hijacked by Brian Quinn to mention Essential Elvis. We all know you write for that magazine, Brian. Now go and compile some more statistics. We need to know how many more records the Pigeon Detectives have sold than Elvis this week. Or what Bob Sillerman had for his breakfast this morning. Or why the next Elvis single should be a duet with a cutting edge artist like Shirley Bassey.
Steve V wrote on September 02, 2007
Head & shoulders above any other Elvis publication ever in hsitory! I have them all from issue #1 and have never been disappointed. This magazine actually saved me money. At one time I used to buy every CD, Book, etc that came out. With their honest reviews I've become more selective and buy only what I think I would like or need. The reviews are spot on. Thanks!
Ezz wrote on September 04, 2007
Elvis The Man And His Music is by far the Elvis magazine i most look forward to recieving, though i thought the interview with Jerry Schilling in the current issue was a little uninteresting. As for Essential Elvis, its a good magazine, though that bloke who reviews the cds/dvds tries way too hard with the humour.