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November FTDs Confirmed

August 31, 2007 | Music
Roger Semon confirmed to us that the November 2007 Follow That Dream releases will be "Girls! Girls! Girls!" and "Pot Luck". The first title will be a single disc, the latter a 2CD. Both titles will come as seven inch gatefold sets.
Source:Roger Semon

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Tomek wrote on August 31, 2007
Same here Fonch44. Looks like it's down. Anyway great releases I think. "pot Luck" should be a really great one. Hope the next we'll get some special live release, live remastered original MSG "alblum".
Jerome wrote on August 31, 2007
happy with any FTD-release and grateful. But I'll be looking forward to a classic edition of 'Now', 'Fool-album' and 'Promised Land', anyway I'm patient..
MarkE wrote on August 31, 2007
good news!
Ken in Tasmania wrote on September 01, 2007
'' FOUNTAINS OF LOVE '' for Pot Luck....great cd
Santa Claus wrote on September 01, 2007
Hm, I got all the Pot Luck stuff on imports for years now. And Girls! Girls! Girls! has so many official songs, that there is hardly any space left for outtakes. So, not an essential FTD release date for me.
Christer wrote on September 01, 2007
Hi! Does anyone know how many outtakes that exist from GGG? The only one I can think of right now is A boy like me... from the Today Tomorrow and Forever box set and I had not heard of more.
Shakingruud wrote on September 01, 2007
Would be great to hear outtakes of Return To Sender!!!
Marko wrote on September 01, 2007
Thanks To The Rolling Sea (tk 3) on "Out On Hollywood", tk 10 on "Elvis Aron Presley", we'll Be Together (tk 10) on "Elvis Latino", Where Do You Come From (tk 13) on "Out On Hollywood"
Brian Quinn wrote on September 01, 2007
Another two great releases from FTD. I am looking forward to hearing them.
FJE wrote on September 01, 2007
Sorry to dissapoint you Shakingruud but the master of Return To Sender is take 2 so only take 1 may pop up if it exists. It may be just a false start. I'm not sure about this so correct me if I'm wrong but I believe some of the session tapes for GGG are lost so not many outtakes are available. Probably that's why FTD are releasing a 1-Disc only of this soundtrack.
FJE wrote on September 01, 2007
BTW, take 10 of We'll Be Together is also availble on "Out In Hollywood"
Miguel28 wrote on September 01, 2007
There are come outtakes available of GGG in Celluloid Rock, Vol.1- CD1
Ronaldv wrote on September 01, 2007
Yeah, that's right. And there are also lots of outtakes available on the memory records issue Girls Girls Girls from 2000, so we cannot expect too much new ones. The same goes for Pot Luck, there are so many imports containing The pot luck sessions already.
Ronaldv wrote on September 01, 2007
By the way, I thought and assumed that the new FTD's would be released October 1st instead of November!
JerryNodak wrote on September 01, 2007
Glad to hear that these two releases have been confirmed. Will be glad to have both in the deluxe packaging and improved sound. Hopefully Ernst won't let Lene anywhere near these. I'm a very happy camper.
ryanking wrote on September 01, 2007
yeah good choices i like ggg sound track i hope they would bring out elvis country in the classic albums soon
Ton Bruins wrote on September 01, 2007
I am not particulary thrilled by those releases.
dismas wrote on September 01, 2007
Great news for longtime fans, like yours truly, who love the Sixties Movie Years simply because Elvis was singing with such feeling, warmth, and subtlety -- the last of which went missing (for the most part, anyway) in the post-Hollywood, larger-than-life Vegas period. Sentimentality and nostalgia also play a part in my fondness for these two albums: "Pot Luck" and "Girls! Girls! Girls!" were the first two LPs I ever received as birthday gifts (from my older sister, Susie, all the way back in December 1962). I've loved 'em both ever since. Thanks FTD!
CD King wrote on September 01, 2007
Excellent news. I've been waiting for especially Girls,Girls,Girls since the beginning of FTD. Looking forward to rare outtakes/alternate takes of Because Of Love, Return To Sender, I Don't Wanna Be Tied, We're Coming In Loaded, I Don't Want To, A Boy Like Me A Girl Like You, Where Do You Come From etc 7" Gatefold etc with Booklet,wow! ThankYou Roger Semon.
bajo wrote on September 01, 2007
At last! Most welcomed! Hidden classics? I've always loved these!
Steve V wrote on September 01, 2007
What could possibly be new here? Twist Me Loose? More money to spend on rehashed songs.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 01, 2007
How about a On Tour show? i dont like it that theres no regular release,the classic series has taken over,as for the movie releases from ftd all of them from the 60's have been one disc,i dont think girls girls girls will offer much new,im not thrilled at all about these releases,pot luck is not that exciting in my oppion,well at least i can save myself 70 bucks,as for the cd's being put out in nov,the last release i got were shipped to me in early aug,so release dates mean nothing with ftd! its true that many people love the classic series and i myself like some of the movie soundtracks,but how about giving us a regualr release and either a classic album or movie soundtrack?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 01, 2007
Speaking of Elvis Country,id like outtakes from those sessions but prefer outtak cd not a classic album were i get the same outtake i have!
Mofoca22 wrote on September 01, 2007
i cant wait for them theres 3 or 4 releases from this summer and fall that i hope i get for xmas and 2 of them are here and the others are i sing all kinds and something else raised on rock or today
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 02, 2007
Avoid Elvis today unless you like terriable sound!
JerryNodak wrote on September 03, 2007
Whilst I will agree that the first ten tracks on "Today" are in less than perfect sound I wouldn't call it terrible. Actually, they're a mirror image of the original album sound(unfortunately). Nevertheless, the outtakes are very good and worth the price of admission. I highly reccomend this album.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 04, 2007
Yes if you wont the original album songs in bad sound by all means buy it,ftd is suppose to put out the ultimate reissues of these classic albums,so why dont they?
luckyjackson85 wrote on September 13, 2007
"Pot Luck" is an album with great classics and for fans of this album I happy you will be getting a 2CD set of this classic album. As for me, I am really happy they will finally release the soundtrack of "Girls! Girls! Girls!". Right in time for the holiday season. Perfect!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 15, 2007
For me,i wish they would release all the classic albums and movie soundtracks,release all at once, so we can move on to something differt and more intersting,theres still great ideas to be thought of,great projects that could happen,happy for you lla who like these releases,but mix it up a bit! i beg of you