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Ed Enoch On The Stamps Group

August 27, 2007 | People
Here is a mail from Ed Enoch on the future of The Stamps:

"Please allow me to explain regarding the Stamps. In August 2003, I applied for the official trademark of the Stamps Quartet name with the United States Patent and Trademark office in Washington, DC. I was granted the official trademark of the Stamps Quartet and I became the owner of the Stamps Quartet in Aug. 2003.

The billing for the concert events in Memphis was supposed to be, "The Former Members of The Stamps". The "former members" were Ed Hill - Bill Baize - Donnie Sumner - Larry Strickland. Not any of these guys sing full-time anymore.
Ed Hill hasn't sang with this quartet (The Stamps) since March 2004 when he had a 4th stroke. Ed Hill was recovering from triple by-pass-surgery when he had another stroke. I continued paying Ed Hill for 3 months afterwards - as though he was still singing in this group. I met with Ed for lunch and asked how he was feeling. He could hardly talk. I asked if he thought he could still sing, and he said he had lost his short term memory and would have to have the words written out and he couldn't remember the tunes - his memory was here and there.

I explained to Ed Hill (he had just turned 70 years) and I thought it would be best for him if he got off the road and spent time with his family. I explained that he had a hard time when we went overseas six months before and he had to be wheeled around in a wheelchair. I explained that we were going back overseas and I knew that he wouldn't be able to make another tour over there. I explained that I didn't want to take him back overseas and something happen to him and I would have to shipped him back home. He agreed."
Source:The United Elvis Presley Society
Mofoca22 wrote on August 27, 2007
:( thats sad to hear that about the stamps i wish i could sing id be honored to fill in for any of the missing stamps singers. though no one can replace jd its sad i hope they can start grooming younger singers to keep that group alive
lvisfan wrote on August 28, 2007
So why was Ed Enoch absent frorm the 30th anniversary concert? I was shocked to see Ed Hill there because I thought he had retired due to his health problems.