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Cover Art Elvis - O Rei Do Rock

August 29, 2007 | Book
Here is the cover of the upcoming children's book "Elvis - O Rei Do Rock" by José Jorge Letria which is due for release September 10, 2007.

The book will be presented officially on September 25, 2007 at the Hard Rock Café in Lisbon (Portugal).
Source:Burning Star
stanton wrote on August 30, 2007
What an ugly cover!!!
Elvisnites wrote on August 30, 2007
For a child's book, its perfect. They want children to be attracted to the book. With all the cartoons children watch, this is an attractive cover. They aren't trying to attract adults. I think its great they are gearing Elvis towards the young. Way to go Portugal.
Jerome wrote on August 30, 2007
Elvis doesn't need to be characterized, especially not with this kind of hair..
everett001 wrote on August 30, 2007
Looks great for kids! It will attract them even more to Elvis. Ninety percent or more ; Love him allready. I thought the CD; "BUGS BUNNY & FRIENDS SING ELVIS" would be a joke until I bought it. It is a Great fun album and everyone I've played it for; LOVED IT! ELVIS would really get a charge out of it.
A C H wrote on August 30, 2007
When I first saw the cover, I also thought it was awful, but today we got our fan club's copy of the book and I just finished reading it. It is PERFECT for kids! It'a very colorfull and it tells the life and career of Elvis in a simple way so kids can understand everything, Elvis's life, how Elvis used to be poor, the black music, segregation, the pills, the movies, everything, good or bad. After reading it, I felt like I wanted to listen to Elvis music and watch his movies! I hope all the kids feel that way. It should be great to have a book like this written in english and other languages too. It's a nice way to reach the younger generation.