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August 21, 2007 | Other
With Elvis week over it is time for a new poll. According to our previous question, 18 percent of the ElvisNews.com visitors made it to Elvis Week in Memphis. Our next poll is on Elvis and Lisa Marie's duet. It is very simple; the "In The Ghetto" duet is a worthy tribute.
Rejane wrote on August 22, 2007
It would be a worthy tribute if Lisa Marie had not attached the video she put to it. Guns in a crib with an toddler is obscene and glorifies violence that is so rapant in American society. I feel that was done just to sensationalize the video and was unnecessary, also that Lisa's vocals were not that great.
ta2k wrote on August 22, 2007
How do you view that as 'Glorifying Violence '? It is showing that everyone is born innocent and beautiful and these people,a t times through no fault of their own, are sucked into a life of misery. TCB
Natha wrote on August 22, 2007
Although I am not impressed by the voice of Lisa Marie, I think it is a worthy tribute. The fact that people may be shocked by the guns and babies reflects unfortunately the harsh reality. Some people are raised with all sorts of violence, be it by example of the parents, in the streets and for the youth of their peers, be it by unvoluntarily being confronted with violence on the tv-programs the parents watch. For me the display in the video represents any imput that stimulates agression and/or hatred. I think that this is exactly what the song tries to put to the attention of the listeners. Also it makes clear thru the warm and caring voice of ELVIS that he is not just the king of Rock 'n' Roll, but the king of (popular) music. If he would be alive I would not hesitate to buy this tribute for display as he would be proud of his daughter. I hope this video will get a wider exposure world-wide.
MzSatnin wrote on August 22, 2007
I was at the concert and thought it was fantastic! I did like the duet/video. I think Lisa has a very nice voice and sounds great with Elvis. It's too bad that so many Elvis fans are so critical of Lisa. She wanted to honor her father and I think she did a great job. People need to remember that she is her own person, she is "not" Elvis and she has her own style. God Bless her and the memory of her father, the greatest singer ever!
Natha wrote on August 22, 2007
MzSatnin, you are right. I also appreciate her way of honoring her father. No one can ever stand in his shadow as a singer. As I wrote earlier, personally her voice does not thrill me - but apart from ELVIS no one does. So that is a matter of taste. Critizising as done earlier here is definitely not my way of life. Why should we! I sympathise with her as I as a long-standing ELVIS fan still miss her father everyday. Let alone his daughter. My warm well wishing thoughts reach out to her.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 22, 2007
So what if people give there oppion on her voice etc,i dont see anyone getting nasty with there comments,as for the violence,it would help if its stopped being gloryfied in the rap/hip hop music,but i guess thats considered music by todays standards!
benny scott wrote on August 22, 2007
Sure it's a worthy tribute !( in my humble opinion ). Well said, MzSatnin, touching words, and i also fully agree with Natha. As for the guns and the baby in the videoclip : for some people it comes over as hard and shocking, but personally i'm not shocked : read the words of the song "In The Ghetto" and you'll find: "...on a cold and grey Chicago-morning a poor little baby child is born in....", and further: "as a crowd gathers 'round an angry young man, faced down on the street with a gun in his hand..." It's the reality, sad but true. Always El