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Elvis Lonely Heart

August 20, 2007 | Book
The book “Elvis Corazon Solitario” (Elvis Lonely Heart), by Javier Márquez, hit the Spanish bookstands August 16th 2007. The book is published in Spain by Editorial Almuzara.
The target of this book is taming the different versions known of Elvis Presley with a pinch of that passion which is needed to understand the man that mainly lived his life to make those around him happy, with a song if possible.


Most probably the boy from Tupelo has more written history about him than any other artists of the 20th Century, maybe with the exception of The Beatles.

The bigger problem facing this task is the surplus of information, which makes it too diffused and exploited, and, thus, the details worth of consideration are lost in the sea of information.

For this particular reason this book does not shed a new light into all what has been said and written in the hundreds of books devoted to Elvis Presley published through the world.

The main target of this book is to filter all the existing information, the testimonies of family and friends, the discoveries made by dedicated historians; and mesh it with a critical analysis of his, mainly, musical and cinematographic career with a pinch of that passion that he had.

Authors biography:

Javier Marquez Sanchez (Seville 1978) is a writer and journalist and worked for several media enterprises in Madrid, Seville and San Sebastian. He was de Deputy Director of Diario 16 and he is a regular contributor of magazines such as Cuadernos para el Diálogo, Aldaketa o Efe Em.
Source:EP Gold