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Dentist Buys Elvis Presley’s Crown

August 20, 2007 | Other
A dentist has purchased an unusual bit of Elvis memorabilia – a porcelain crown that covered a gap in the King’s teeth and the plaster mold used to make it. “He had nice teeth,” said Dr. Jim McCarthy, 58. “From a dentist’s point of view, I find it interesting.”

McCarthy received the crown this week from the son of the dentist who made it. The crown came with affidavits from the dentist’s family and a signed letter from Elvis’ manager, Joe Esposito. Lewis Weiss, 59, said Elvis Presley lived next door to his grandmother in Memphis. His father, Henry Weiss was the Presley family dentist.
Elvisnites wrote on August 20, 2007
As usual when I read stories like this, I'm a little confused. I can understand the mold, but confused about the crown. Is this an old crown that was replaced with a new one? I know the life of a crown is only 5 years. Does anyone have more info. Thanks.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 20, 2007
Stupid is all i have to say,no wonder people make jokes about his fans,some are more than willing to keep making his fans look like fools!
Elvisnites wrote on August 21, 2007
I do hope Mature Elvis that remark was not directed at me. I happen to be in the dental field and that was not just a foolish curiousity as to how many crowns he had gone through in his lifetime. Excuse me for wanting to know more of something I find interesting to do with my profession.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 21, 2007
Nope it wasnt aimed at you,thats not my style,just find it silly to spend money on things like this,thats all i meant!
FJE wrote on August 21, 2007
Since when was Joe Esposito Elvis' manager?!
Tony C wrote on August 21, 2007
I had a similar curiosity as Elvisnites, presumably the crown is an old one that was replaced at some time as anything that was still there in 1977 would remain intact. I don't think this story makes us look like fools, it just reinforces enormous Elvis' cult status.
Steve V wrote on August 21, 2007
agree with mature - ridiculous. can u imagine having this on your shelf on display in your home? It is no wonder that Elvis fans are lumped into a group that gets made fun of. A dental crown - my goodness, that had a lot to do with his music didnt it?
Elvisnites wrote on August 21, 2007
Please keep in mind that the person who purchased the crown and mold is a dentist. He would find these articles interesting due to his profession. No where in this article does it say Dr. Jim is an Elvis fan. I for one have never been made "fun" of because I am a fan. Believe me, I do not keep it a secret. I am proud to be a hugh fan. When I bring him up in converation with people who do not know me, its amazing how many want to talk about him and ask me questions on things they've heard, even though they do not admit to being a fan. I think that's what they call a closet fan. Even if your not a fan, I don't know of anyone else in this world that is more interesting to study, listen to, or watch. Proud to be a fan...
Steve V wrote on August 21, 2007
I have never been made fun of personally either. You didnt understand my post. As a group we are ALWAYS made fun of by the media and the press. Happens all the time and things like this make it happen. As for the dentist, I still think its sick. It's a body part in my opinion. I suppose if he were a manicurist, he would have bid on finger nail clippings? This happens with no other artist and is why a certain weirdness is placed on the Elvis fan. And if this person was not a fan, I find it even more ludicrous. I know several dentists and I am sure they would not care to own this for the sake of their profession.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 21, 2007
Steve i agree 100%,i dont even need to add anything to what you said just say ditto!
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on August 22, 2007
Whats wrong with being an Elvis fan? Nothing.. but however if your a Kansas City Royals fan then you have a problem.