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DeAgostini DVD Reissue

August 23, 2007 | Video
In the U.K DeAgostini has a special Elvis collectible series of magazines with memorabelia reproductions. They added DVDs to the packages too. Every second set is available in a version with and a version without an Elvis DVD. The package of the DVDs is slightly different from the covers used on the standard releases.
Source:De Agostini - Elvis
Lonesome_Cowboy wrote on August 25, 2007
Dont go near this D'agostini in my opinion are rip off merchants
Juliepresleyfan wrote on September 01, 2007
sorry to disagree with you but i actually like the elvis collection by diagostini, i cant find any fault with it , and it looks like all 33 films will be available . from this fans point of view its a great thing i love it