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By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, August 20, 2007 | Video
I promised myself over and over again not to buy anything “just for the collection” anymore. Still I found myself with 4 DVDs that I probably won’t watch more than once (if I can make it all). The first one that I sat out completely is Charro!


The cover gives nothing extra next to the basic info, no booklet with background information or such. The DVD itself has an okay menu but also nothing extra except the original trailer. Especially with an Elvis in this shape a picture gallery would have been a nice addition. I gave up on extras like bloopers, deleted scenes etcetera a long time ago.


Well, as I said in the intro, I sat the movie out completely, but I have to admit I needed two stages for that. Still it is one of the few Elvis movies I am able to sit out, even thou I’m not a “western guy” at all. I don’t even like the big westerns, and I could sit this one out only because of Elvis, hoping that they added an unknown scene with a great song that wasn’t available before ;-). I did so a couple of years ago with a shitty DVD release, and wasn’t really prepared for the treat this DVD is; image quality wise that is. Unfortunately I was again without luck regarding the unknown scene and song. For those that are unfamiliar with the movie itself, here’s what ElvisPedia has to say about it:

“They used the slogan 'a different kind of role.... a different kind of man' for this movie. People got confronted with a dirty, beardy, hard-hearted Elvis - like in the popular spaghetti-westerns. He plays the former outlaw Jesse Wade. A gang, of which he was a member once, suspects him from stealing a gold and silver canon, owned by the Mexican army. Jesse, alias 'Charro', can prove he's not guilty. He saves a village for the revenge of the gang and knock all his former 'friends' out.”


An above average movie – compared to other Elvis movies – in a perfect image quality.
Martin DJ wrote on August 20, 2007
And it even has Wishbone from Rawhide in a minor role!
Mark S. wrote on August 20, 2007
Are you telling me you DON'T like Elvis' movies, Lex? You're not an Elvis-fan ! :-) BTW, What's your emailaddress again?
Elvisnites wrote on August 20, 2007
This is a personel opinion. Please do not attack me. This is my favorite movie. No singing, just pure acting. Elvis with a beard looking hot and sexy. Story could have been better, but E made even the substandard writing unnoticable. And yes, I am an Elvis fan who likes to watch the man act without singing all the time. I can put on a cd or stick my Ipod on with over 1000 songs if I want to hear him sing (which is usually 24-7). I wish he had made more non-singing movies. I for one love his acting.
emjel wrote on August 20, 2007
I like Charro, specially the music by Hugo Montenegro. I got the box set, but none of the DVD's show the film title. Has anyone else found this?
Steve V wrote on August 20, 2007
I like Elvis' 1968-69 movies because they were different. I cant sit thru any of his movies from 1963-67 (except Viva) , but these movies are enjoyable only because there are less songs and more storyline. Charro was cool because it had a decent cast and wasn't silly. Very Clint Eastwood-ish. Could have been a lot better with a good director.
Martin DJ wrote on August 20, 2007
Perhaps Charro! had a bad reputation because it was rarely seen since its release, and reviews at the time were negative. It's better than Stay Away Joe, which has an almost surreal opening. Joe returns to his family, they party a bit, toss each other around, move the festivities to a bar, party some more, males exchange kisses with females, guys knock each other to the grond - and when the festivities come to a conclusion we're already 30 minutes into the movie! Charro! has no such sillyness.
Mofoca22 wrote on August 20, 2007
i like charro and flaming star for his western films. i didnt care for love me tender too much nor d i reallly like wild in the country. out of elvis mid -late 60's movies though charro, change of habit and speedway i like the most
JerryNodak wrote on August 21, 2007
When I want to watch Eastwood I put in an Eastwood dvd. When I feel like watching Elvis I reach for Blue Hawaii or one of the other tunful travelogues. Elvis "Eastwood" leaves me cold. Charro does have a great title song.
Tony D. wrote on August 21, 2007
Thanks for the review, but you don't say if any edits have been made to the 'branding' or 'nude' scenes?!
JerryNodak wrote on August 21, 2007
Near as I can remember this is the theatrical version as shown in the U.S. I could be wrong though because "Charro" is not a movie I have memorized.
Elvisnites wrote on August 22, 2007
I watched the movie again when I received the Hollywood Collection package which was about a week ago. As I can remember, it appeared the same as I had seen it origionally. The branding was very painful to watch. Long and slow. As far as the nude scenes, I only saw one, if you want to call it a nude scene. It was of Ina Balin getting out of the bathtub with a very sheer robe on a wet body. Being a female, I didn't find it very exciting. Other than that I don't recall seeing any other nude scene.
glynalone wrote on August 22, 2007
Sorry Tony, but the Ina Balin nude scene has been edited out of the new DVD...just a head shot of her sitting in the bath and then suddenly she's standing with her robe on....don't throw out the old VHS copy!
PaulFromFrance wrote on August 23, 2007
The nude scene filmed for European audiance can be found on Internet. Try eMule, looking for charronudescene.wmv. Ina Balin is filmed from the back slightly on her right side, and she is beautiful. Hope this helps. :-)))
Tony C wrote on August 24, 2007
From memory, there were two different edits of "Charro" for US and European release. I think the US one trimmed the nudity but had a more explicit branding scene than the European version. There were lots of regional differences in Elvis' films, some containing diffrent scenes and songs from the standard US versions. It's a shame that this footage has never been added to the DVD versions currently available.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 31, 2007
Yes because we need that nude seen in there,it will sure help the plot wont it?
PaulFromFrance wrote on August 31, 2007
mature... there is no plot since this is an Elvis movie. And this nude scene is the most interesting scene among all the movies our guy ever made after the army.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 09, 2007
Thats a matter of oppion,doesnt do anything for me personally!