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30th Anniversary Concert

August 24, 2007 | Other
Several fans added footage of the 30th Anniversary Concert to YouTube. This concert marks the last "Elvis In Concert" performance. Here is the opening sequence.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on August 25, 2007
What an amazing opening!!! I absolutely Loved it!!! I hope someday the 30th anniversary concert will make its way to DVD. Including the helicopter opening and the early part of the show featuring 50s and 60s Elvis. I wish EPE would keep "ELVIS-THE CONCERT" as an annual Elvis week Event and change up the show each year. Its a big draw, for the fans.. and its a mistake to end this amazing show. If anything EPE should bring the show to Vegas and Alantic city a few times a year where it would do very well. Especially in Vegas, where Elvis is still a strong presence. EPE tour the show till the end of 2007, if possible. Its the year of Elvis !!
Jim_The Rocker wrote on August 25, 2007
I was there it was really Great...I Think it was The Best Concert from all those years! It was Sold Out what a thrill it was. People from all over the world for the King! James Burton did a Great job as always. It was The Last Concert Priscilla told eveybody that! mayby it was. But I Hope they will bring This special concert out on DVD! I was happy that I was there because it was a Special thing....thank you for the wonderful Concert
asd123 wrote on August 25, 2007
I was there too, sitting quite far away on the stands and the sound was awefull. They just used the front speakers in front of the stage, the rest of the speakers stood silent. Though the show was good, I was really dissapointed by the sound quality. It was too silent (you could easily talk) and the overall sound was bad for those who hadn't got the best tickets. Fortunately I had better tickets for the second show which blow me away, even the sound was as it should be cause we were sitting in front of those front speakers.
hillbillycatlover wrote on August 25, 2007
I was on the second level and the left side so I could watch Glenn Hardin's spirited piano playing...the sound was the best I've ever heard at a concert, so those of you down lower somehow must've been in a bad spot...too bad, since that means you paid more than the 75 bucks I paid ! I agree that they should not discontinue this concert...yes, some of them are getting on, but such is life, and others could replace them...as long as Elvis is on that video, and people want to come out and pay to see a concert like this, why end a good thing??!!
Crawfish wrote on August 25, 2007
I was there too! Missed out on the special VIP seats (you lucky guys!) but was in the$90 and had a fabulous time. As GK says, why stop it - it is fantastic! Going on to You Tube I have just discovered you can relive those special memories, particularly the start and Lisa Marie/Elvis. Fantastic concert, fantastic week, fantastic people etc. etc . .... all down to one man! Thanks to everyone! C
Getlow wrote on August 28, 2007
I was up pretty high also and thought sound was only so-so, show and not near as good as 25th Anniversdary, Went downstairs, near the middle for the Midnight Show, sound was really fantasic, ears were ringing at the end and thats what I expect if I go to a concert.
EspenK wrote on September 03, 2007
Well I sure hope it was better than the midnight concert, for that one sucked bigtime. Horrible, horrible sound. The sound echoed from the back wall, Elvis' voice was way too high and with no bass, sloppy editing of his voice, it was such a disappointment really.
Steve B. wrote on September 04, 2007
We were blow away (8:00 show.). Certainly, Elvis greatest concert performance EVER! They have got to bring this one ouy on DVD. I did see some footage being shot in the lobby's. Maybe that is a good sign that a DVD will follow.