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Who Says Elvis Is Dead?

August 16, 2007 | Other
On August 16, 2007 - eight year after we founded the site - we broke our record. 5400 minus one viewed our homepage. We like to thank everyone for making this site the success it (still) is today! May the King reign long...
Rev. Gerhard wrote on August 16, 2007
We thank you for your great work ! Of course Elvis is not dead with the help of such wonderful fans like you.
Elvisnites wrote on August 17, 2007
Thank you for having this web site. It is the most informative and user friendly Elvis site. I just happened to stumble on it by accident just recently, and I'm glad I did. Thank you again for having a wonderful site. Also, I really enjoy the members and their comments.
nrbl wrote on August 17, 2007
You are doing a great job of keeping him alvie with all your hard work. I visit you site every single day. Keep up the great work and a Huge Thank You!!
oldie56~2 wrote on August 17, 2007
Keep up the great job of getting all Elvis News out to us fans!
Kenneth wrote on August 17, 2007
breaking viewer records will become routine for you, your site is that good. thank you for all your hard work.
benny scott wrote on August 17, 2007
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your great work. May your site go on for many many years to come. Congratulations guys . Sincerely, Always El.
PaulFromFrance wrote on August 17, 2007
Well... minus one ! Tell me her/his name ! :-)))) Seriously, Elvis deserves the best, and you are the best ! Thanks to all the team's members. Long live ElvisNews !
Tony C wrote on August 17, 2007
There is one simple reason for this, yours is the best Elvis site on the internet. It is the only one I return to every single day.
Mr Jones wrote on August 17, 2007
congratulations, ik like your site very much
FLASHBOY wrote on August 17, 2007
This web site will live forever simply because it is one of the best. When i got home i open my pc and the first thing i do is coming here its an automatic reflex. Continue your good work you are really appreciated. I also love the Elvis in australia website and of course the official Elvis site.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on August 17, 2007
You can't stop a movement Elvis grows larger each year.
benny scott wrote on August 17, 2007
Only 11 reactions since yesterday? Come on Elvis Fans, Registered Members of this site : LOG IN and send your words of thanks and congratulations to the guys of this wonderful site, express your gratitude, they fully deserve it!!! They have been doing a hell of a job all these years, and with our support i'm sure they're ready to continue to please us for a very long time in the future. Always El
memphisblues wrote on August 17, 2007
Thank's Elvis News team for all your effort in keeping us fan's up to date on all thing's Elvis. May you continue for many more, i raise my glass to you
bray1977 wrote on August 17, 2007
Your success is due to the excellence of this site. Congratulations on your achievement and keep it going for a long, long time to come.
panda wrote on August 17, 2007
cogratulations i visit the site every day always great to hear about elvis news and would never miss it you are doing a great job keeping elvis name alive and all the fans who are as faithful even after thirty years i still get excited buying elvis cds and dvds as i was thirty years ago long live the king
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on August 18, 2007
Best Elvis site on the web. With the help of the site and the fans comments my Elvis collection is in tip top condition. I gave up, some time ago, just collecting 'everything' and now only collect the quality Cd's and DVD's that are available. I rarely buy anything now without checking out Elvisnews.com first and other fans comments on the items. Invaluable source of news and all things Elvis. Please note comments made voluntary and no payment was requested or paid..
big heart wrote on August 18, 2007
love this site. good job, guys. found this site searching the web one day and now i'm on here all the time. thanks for the hardwork you do !!!!