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Restoration Begins On Audubon Drive

August 15, 2007 | Other
After a long legal battle, the future for Elvis’s former home on Audubon Drive looks better than ever. Uri Geller agreed to stop the legal fight, and backs out. Two weeks ago, the new owners started working on the house, repairing the fence, putting a green paint layer on the walls and adding the letter “P” to the plastic shades on the windows.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on August 17, 2007
What did Uri hit himself in the head with one of his spoons?
Tupelo wrote on August 19, 2007
I have seen the Audubon drive house during Elvis Week and it is awfull what they are doing on the outside of the house. They changed the colour and put on dreadfull shades with a P. It has lost 'the feeling' on the outside. I dont know about the inside, it was not open for visitors. But I'm glad I saw it three years ago.
heartbreakhotel wrote on September 29, 2007
I agree with Tupelo - we had an amazing time in Memphis for Elvis' 30th. anniversary and drove by 1034.What are they thinking of !! We had the pleasure of visiting 1034 - Mike picked us up from Heartbreak driving us round Memphis to what was then his home - all the pictures we have ever seen taken inside Audubon Drive came to life.Mike allowed us to wander round as we wished so we have some amazing photos and video - they are now even more special because if what they have done to the outside is anything to go by what is it like inside - is the wallpaper still along the hallway - is it still the same where Elvis and his mother have the famous photo 's - is the fireplace still there with Elvis' photo wearing his gold suit and so much more.What Mike must be feeling now one can only imagine - so sad that Elvis fans who visit Memphis in the future will not now drive into 1034 and see it as we all know the photos and as it was while Elvis and his family were there.