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Lisa Marie Duet To Be Released As A Single

August 16, 2007 | Other
The duet “In the Ghetto” will be released as a single through iTunes after its debut at FedExForum in a sold-out concert featuring Elvis on video accompanied by original band members and backup singers. Lisa Marie Presley said proceeds will go to a New Orleans version of Memphis’ Presley Place, the housing complex designed as a temporary refuge to give homeless families a chance to get on their feet again.
Source:Commercial Appeal
Rev. Gerhard wrote on August 16, 2007
That's great ! "If I can dream of a warmer sun, where hope keeps shining on everyone". It's so wonderful that our princess is one of those giving light and hope into the world.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on August 17, 2007
Better yet Just Elvis to call her a princess is a total mock of the word. Michael Jackson may be the Princess, but it was at a time when she took a wrong turn in life, and guess what she's still going in circles, and that leads to a spiral which usually goes straight down.
gary 1 wrote on August 17, 2007
I've just heard a bit of this new duet.And i have to say it sounded pretty good.
Mofoca22 wrote on August 17, 2007
must someone always bring up micheal jackson? who needs to hear about that here. she made a mistake whoopie doo everyone makes them leave her alone let her honor her father. i love her voice its as beautiful as elvis's was.
Dan wrote on August 17, 2007
The video is up and ready to be criticised....
oldie56~2 wrote on August 17, 2007
Hello Elvis Fans, Your Senior Member is excercising her right to share my opinion on the Eve of Elvis' Death 30 years ago today. How many of you can remember where you were and how you felt when hearing that our Dear Elvis had died? As regards (this article and subject), "Lisa and her Duet with her Dad". Here is one moment I viewed I believe in 1997 when I first heard Lisa sing it and thought she posessed such a special essence to the voice she shares with her Dad. Well . . . I never heard it again as she wrote her own music (which is a GOOD thing) but put a 'today' spin on her sound and decided to "shout". I really believe to this day that the Daughter of our King really does possess a very excellent voice. It's just that we have never really heard it the way we need to and this Duet will prove it! Let us reserve our criticism for after she sings! My prediction is she'll knock us out of our chairs! Let's also have some opinions from real (voice and style) listener's out there after she sings. Thanks. Wonder if "Simon" will read this?
Mr Jones wrote on August 17, 2007
hello oldie 56~2, you asked for a opinion from real (voice and style) listeners; well i asked a friend of mine (he's a proffesional operasinger, and he likes Elvis a lot) he said: Lisa has a very characteristic voice (you recognize immediately that it's her voice) but she has a rather poor technique and a very limited reach, like most of the popsingers (unlike her father though, who had a reach of 2,5 octaves); still we like her singing.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on August 17, 2007
Michael Jackson and Lisa marie most likely came about because Elvis didnt take Lisa to the circus thus she needed to marry a clown . it was no mistake she knew what she was doing just like the other failed marriges. Shes a failure and does not belong. does this also mean the next army of her rugs rats will be come a part of this? its Elvis and all about Elvis, not this nut who plays with her toes and picks her nose when being interviewed. Could you see Evlis being interviewd at madison Sqauare Garden, picking his nose and playing with his shoes.
CD King wrote on August 17, 2007
Just saw the Video on Elvis Info Net Australia, great stuff. Keep up the good work Lisa Marie. It was very well done. I love it very much. Elvis Presley would have sure been very proud of it. Excellent singing Lisa and a great No.1 hit again for the King and his Princess.