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Elvis - The Miniseries And Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley Quiz

August 12, 2007 | Video
Last week you could win a copy of the new edition of "Elvis - The Miniseries", courtesy of Honcho Media. The lucky winners are our members: KarlaH, Epexpress, R.A. Rinio, Dominic and Zahir. Congratulations!
The correct answer to the question which award was won by this series: "Golden Globe".

This week you can win a copy of the digipack edition of "Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley", courtesy of the Memphis Recording Service. All you have to do is answer our simple question; which song is not featured on in the filmed concert as featured on this release, "Heartbreak Hotel", "I Was The One", "Baby Let's Play House" or "Don't Be Cruel"?
My boy, my boy wrote on August 12, 2007
I pity those who won the Mini-series DVD...I do pay attention to the movies made on Elvis but the one with Jonathan Meyers was the worst ever to be produced, by far. I thought Don Johnson had been the most horrible Elvis impersonator ever on "Elvis and the beauty queen" but after seeing Jonathan pathetic acting, I would have given the Golden Globe to Don instead...whatever !
NONE000000 wrote on August 12, 2007
how do you respond to answer this question??
Mark wrote on August 13, 2007
Click on the small photo on the left handside Tupelo"s own and it will take you there
Palle wrote on August 14, 2007
I thought this was a free world!!! But my comment was deleted - so I'm going to stated one thing, that is important - the Beatles have not sold more records than Elvis. Period!And to be sure that ElvisNews doesn't take out my comment ...again(!), then I'll say this; Wow man, ElvisNews rocks !
Palle wrote on August 14, 2007
Wrong news item :)