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Elvis Fans Flip Out

August 14, 2007 | Other
Elvis Presley left the building thirty years ago, but Elvis: The Miniseries arrived on DVD today for the first time ever. To promote the release, Starz Home Entertainment is passing out free flip books from Elvis decorated Segways at several celebrations in Memphis marking the 30th anniversary of the legend's death this week. With a simple flip-of-a-thumb, the flip books bring Elvis back to life by playing full-motion clips from the movie featuring the king of rock n' roll's famous swinging hips and sneering lips – leaving fans feeling all shook up, all over again.

Originally invented in 1882 and recognized as one of the earliest forms of interactive multimedia, flip books create the optical illusion of motion when images stacked in sequential stages of movement are flipped. Produced by Flippies, a New York based manufacturer, the flip books are bringing images of Elvis: The Miniseries to life for fans at events and happenings in Memphis throughout the week. “In this age of high tech interactive multimedia, the simplicity of flip books is not only refreshing, but its illusion is even more captivating than ever,” said Jeffrey Kay, President of Flippies. “Creative marketers like Starz Home Entertainment are, once again, beginning to add flip books into the mix as consumers rediscover the medium as a fun and engaging promotional marketing item.”

"What better way to remember the life of Elvis than with a flip book that shows him dancing and having fun when he was young" said Rose Zivkovich from Starz Home Entertainment. "Flippies are perfect for building awareness and buzz for Elvis: The Miniseries during this historic week in Memphis. We'll also be using them as promotional items at consumer and trade conventions, and also as pre-order gifts for the DVD on select consumer websites."
Jerome wrote on August 14, 2007
I saw clips of the miniseries but it can't find the exact words to describe my feelings about the d*mn thing. The serie doesn't add anything and Jonathan Meyers is so far from Elvis as Al Bundy is attracted to fat women. The comebackspecial part is done very amateurtistic, he plays guitar like he's rubbing his .. rubberduck. Totally non musicalfeeling in the act. So much money and effort spent on such a useless and unnecessary movie..
My boy, my boy wrote on August 14, 2007
Jerome, you are totally right...this mini-series was pathetic to say the least...and about this flip out thing, please pinch me anyone..it must be a bad nightmare...the guy who thought of doing such a thing this with Jonathan none-sense act should get a life !
Elvisnites wrote on August 15, 2007
Thanks Jerome, I just ordered it last week. Hopefully it's not as bad as it sounds. I'm tired of watching movies that make him look like the most depressed person on earth. How about a movie on his up side with his practical jokes, roman candle fights, and his love of laughing and music, not to mention his joy of life and giving. If you find such a movie, let me know. I think it's about time.
JerryNodak wrote on August 15, 2007
Elvis: The Miniseries (actually just a two part movie). A total piece of C-R-A-P.