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Duet For Elvis And Daughter Lisa Marie

August 15, 2007 | People
A new video of Lisa Marie Presley singing "In the Ghetto," accompanied by her late father, Elvis Presley, will be posted Friday on the AOL Internet site Spinner.com, a company spokesman said Tuesday. To mark the 30th anniversary of her father's death, Lisa Marie Presley's voice was added to the original version of her father's hit song from 1969. The video duet also features images of her late father.

Spinner.com will post the video along with the transcript of an interview with Lisa Marie Presley, AOL spokesman Kurt Patat said. In the interview, Lisa Marie Presley said the project was emotionally stirring.

"We had two hours to lay down my vocals," she says. "So the next morning, I heard the rough ... and ... I've never cried when I've done anything ... ever ... but I just lost it when I heard it.

Lisa Marie Presley also talks in the interview about how she was offended to see her father's song "Viva Las Vegas" used in a Viagra commercial. "I find that revolting," she said. "Some songs we have no control over. I know we didn't license that one."

Proceeds from the new song and video will be used to help build temporary housing for the homeless in New Orleans, she said. The project is to be similar to Presley Place, a 12-unit apartment building for the homeless built in Memphis by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. in 2001.

Lisa Marie Presley, 39, is scheduled to attend a concert Thursday in Memphis that will feature her father performing on video, with live support from his former backup singers and band members.

Her most recent album of her own music was "Now What" in 2005, but she said in the interview that she hopes to put out a new album soon."I'm definitely going to do it," she said. "I just have to figure out the right way. I'm on a clean slate right now _ I just got off my label (Capitol Records). So I'm figuring out my next route."
Source:Associated Press
Sirbalkan wrote on August 15, 2007
Anything she does with her father is great as much as her albums... Turned to black , raven ,.... She is unique like Jeff Buckley, Coldplay and Radiohead... The truth is many Elvis fans just want her to arrange duets with E. or just keep his legacy but hey... helloooo... She has her own life; Her father passed away and for 30 years we all Elvis fans and his fame still survive. Even when she was 20, Graceland was full of people every August and all fan clubs were doing fine as they still do.I mean Elvis legacy would be ok and now with her support( which you are not satisfied enough)it will grow but ENOUGH PEOPLE... Leave the girl alone. Go on Lisa... As a 25 years old Elvis, Jeff, Coldplay etc.. fan, I really really respect you not because of your support to EPE only but your REALLY ORIGINAL SONGS... May God Bless you...
Dan wrote on August 15, 2007
I think she should put out a complete cd of duets with her father.. that would be a top seller!!!! her voice if perfect contrast to her dads. Don't Cry daddy was beautiful....
Rev. Gerhard wrote on August 15, 2007
Hey Lisa ! This is such a wonderful message ! And I wish you the best of luck ! Here in Germany the magazines and televison and radio channels are filled with stories about your father, with his songs and movies. It's the biggest hype since his passing. Elvis lives ! There is no doubt. Thank you so much for helping the poor people in New Orleans. Your dad would be so proud of you. God may bless you !
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 15, 2007
Too bad she wasnt offened when howard stern made the comments he made when she was a guest on his show,i guess she had a cd to promote then though!
wayup wrote on August 15, 2007
I do not think she should put out a complete cd of duets with her father. And yes, (Lack of) her voice if perfect contrast to her dads.
GM1TBW wrote on August 15, 2007
I think a CD of duets with Elvis would be a good thing... I'd buy it.
Mofoca22 wrote on August 16, 2007
this is a dream come true id like to hear her try kentucky rain or even if i can dream next and possibly even hurt. actually id love to hear her try all her favorite songs of his thats what i think shes trying anyways. id like to hera her try a duet of how great thou art
ta2k wrote on August 16, 2007
Wonderful Image there of the King and his 'Princess'. TCB
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on August 17, 2007
What is she a Princess of Jocko Jackson and his Fairy Land?
ext_mnx wrote on August 17, 2007
lisa remember me gene smith ;) I am only interest in elvis. She can made all duets but I only buy elvis sings his songs not duets
ext_mnx wrote on August 17, 2007
lisa must respect to elvis presley she lost her label capitol her daughter lost the contract with dior and the do know how to make money on elvis and at the same time she hate elvis because elvis presley made well the things and love the world. "the help" to orleans is a way to do not pay tax
sherriemr wrote on August 19, 2007
Talk about disrespect to Elvis???? How more disrespectful can you be to HIS memory and to his name than to dis his daughter the way all of you are doing here...And you know what??? She don't need ANY of you. She has fans of her own...not JUST her dad's fans...but don't ever doubt that her dad's fans love her too...and as a TRUE fan of Elvis Presley...I would NEVER disrespect his daughter the way you non-fans have done here.....You should be ashamed to even call yourselves Elvis fans...You're not TRUE..or you wouldn't talk crap about his daughter. If you don't like her...don't buy her albums or go to her concerts...but keep your mouth shut at least out of respect to someone you CLAIM to be a fan of.
Cher wrote on August 20, 2007
C'mon folks. It's a great video even if it just sparks thoughts of what could of been had Elvis lived. None of us can know all the things that would have been different, including how different Lisa Marie might have been. To compare their talent is a useless waste of time. No one, ever will be as talented as Elvis was. He was a once in a lifetime gift. And no can speak for Elvis as to whether he would have approved or disapproved of this video. He was a great fan of new technology so for that alone, he'd be intrigued. He never was comfortable with political statements though. Who's to say? I thought she did a pretty good job but I'm still listening exclusively to Elvis. :-)
Ruthie wrote on August 27, 2007
She is trying to move on, like all mature people should. However, we are all too aware of those who either can't move on themselves or continually find fault with those that do. Like I stated before, she is damned if she does & damned if she doesn't. I have met her & she is a very down to earth lovely person but I wouldn't want to walk a mile in her shoes for all the money in the world!
stanton wrote on August 28, 2007
I admire Lisa and the way she deales with her position in life as the daughter of the most loved and most talented artist in the whole wide world.